Thursday, September 10, 2015


This year is flying by like I can't believe! I'm always sad to see another summer end as the fall is when another birthday hits!
Here's the latest stitching finishes-

Laura Perin's Red, White and Blue Panel

The Trilogy Grateful Hearts

Drawn Thread Bee Keeper Scissor Fob-a freebie from 1997

Just Nan Harmony Monogram Tin
I'm also working on the Northwest Sampler Guild challenge project for this year. It is stitching monochromatically.  The stitching is almost finished and I even have a great idea for a special finishing.
And I'm  gearing up to host Ellen Chester for some classes here in the Seattle area from October 2-4, 2015.  This is my first experience as education chairman of the guild.  All is well so far.  I'll have 3 new projects when she leaves :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

August Already

July went by like a whirl!  But I did get caught up on the Round Robin samplers I had.  I finished the final two samplers in my round of the Northwest Sampler Guild.  Now I am expecting 3 more samplers from the EGA Round Robin, but one lady is moving and at least 1 sampler (not mine) got packed!  So not sure when I'll see that one.
Here is what else has been happening-

New Start-Laura Perin Red White & Blue Panel
I'm stitching it upside down right now :)

 Finish #1-With Thy Needle & Thread Stars & Stripes

Finish #2 Just Nan Hop 

Finish #3 Jeannette Douglas Bird Box.  The finished mini biscornu is in the box-top left.  The mini pincushions are at the bottom.

New Stash-Gorgeous sturdy Thread Catcher from Curry Bungalow on Etsy

Back from the Finisher-Gay Ann Rogers Samples
I included a photo of the back so you could see the little stand that my finisher uses. 

Framed by DH with a standard 5 x 7 frame in my stash-Birds of a Feather Land That I Love

Now it is time for At Willow Tree Pond's Believe It or Not--
Do you like my Nancy Cucci Amazing Greys?  I didn't list it as a finish, because it isn't. 

One recent night I was busy listing consignment items on ebay, got distracted and started surfing around.  I saw a listing with no picture and the description said "GREY GEOMETRIC BOXES"  And Nancy Cucci immediately came to mind and I clicked on the auction.  There was a photo on the auction page and yes, it was exactly what I thought--but not the kit.  It was the finished project! And it was ---Buy It Now for $42!!  My hand was shaking.  I am not kidding!

Not only was it a finished Amazing Greys, but when I got it , the stitching is beautifully done. Laid properly, just wonderful! The seller definitely didn't know what she/he had.  Do you think the stitcher passed away?  I mean, what else would allow such a thing to happen???
Now, who else has a bizarre story about ebay (or anywhere else for that matter)?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Finishes and New Stash

My consignment business is keeping me hopping with the inventory of a closed needlework shop.
But I want to keep you updated with my latest finishes.  Feel free to click on the photos for a closeup.

This Samplers and Such Tin Toppers kit came to me in a consignment.  The stitching was almost completed.  So I sat down one night and finished it.  The seller told me I could keep it.  She is so nice :) It is stitched with a Needle Necessities overdye thread.

This is a little better close-up.

This little pin holder was a favor at the 2012 Northwest Sampler Guild tea.  Only took me 3 years :)
It is inspired by Sajou souvenir postcards and stitched with perforated paper and Vikki Clayton BeSmurfed silk floss.

This design is Crabapple Hill's Farm Stand Bouquet.  I got it at a class with Meg last summer.  The fabrics on the top are to make a wallhanging with this.

My EGA secret pal gave me this little Drawn Thread pattern, fabric and Gloriana silks to stitch it with.  Wow!  I think I'll keep her.  She is a great secret pal!  This will also fit the lid of an Altoids tin.

I am almost embarrassed to show you all the stash I have gotten lately. Well, not too awfully embarrassed because here it is-

I have another great patriotic pattern that I want to stitch and it will fit perfectly into the box above.

Just Nan is starting to GROW on me :)

Yes, I joined the Shining Needle Society class with Barbara Jackson.  There is pretty much nothing of Barbara's that I don't like.

See, another Just Nan.

This is an exciting BOM with Braidwood Heritage Crafts on Etsy using Cottage Garden Threads from Australia. Each months design is from a different Australian designer.  I'm just joining in at the beginning of the 2nd year. And so far, I am loving the designs and the thread

I've never seen Terry Drydens Stripes Galore.  It must be an old design as I don't see it on her website. It is lovely!

This is Scarlett House Margaret Lillie with Dinky Dye threads, fabric and box to mount the finished product on.  Let's hope Margaret doesn't languish too long!

And last but not least, another Crabapple Hill beauty.  I bought the kit below to make this pillow. 

I am enjoying your blogs so much. And even though I normally don't have the time to comment, you inspire me and keep me laughing at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Circle of Life

I have been away from my blog experiencing the circle of life in our family.
I mentioned previously that we are expecting grandchild #5 in December.  When the little one arrives, we will have 4 grandchildren 3 years old and under.  (The oldest is 10)
It was past time to get one of these-

We just got finished assembling it yesterday.  I'll bet you can guess how we spent July 4th this year!
And as the circle of life works, we lost my mother-in-law last month. She was 89 years young. She died on the 66th anniversary of her immigration to the USA from Germany in 1949.

 Here she is with my GS#2 in April.  The good news is that we know where she is and are confident we will see her again.

I shared this photo because this is NOT how things are done in Washington state.  Here caskets are not seen by mourners.  We have memorial services where photos of the deceased are displayed.  Absolutely no graveside services except for immediate family!
This type of service is very Midwestern (specifically in Indiana) and sometimes the casket is open during the service. After the service, we walked out of the chapel and had a short graveside eulogy.  It was very touching.

While I was in Indiana, I wanted to check out the local Civil War cemetery.  There was a prisoner of war camp located in Lafayette during the Civil war and any soldiers that didn't survive were buried here.  Just a few photos-

The gate was open along the left of the left brick column for foot travelers only. It says "Greenbush Cemetery. Here rest our old settlers"

I actually found these 3 markers for local Revolutionary War soldiers.

Many of the markers were too worn from age to read.  But I got this Civil War veteran from Indiana's 51st infantry.
Don't think my celebrations of the 4th passed without some stitching!
I have a patriotic finish or two to share-

Threadwork Primitives Beggar's 4th

Birds of a Feather Land That I Love

My final AuryTM Heart (I think, it might be 2011 or 2012?) I have a total of 5 different ones now.

And a patriotic start.  Who can guess what this it?  I think it is too easy already :)
I had a couple of emails regarding the Aury hearts.  I found her blog and I guess the charts are no longer free. She has expanded her business and is selling them.
More finishes and lots of new stash in the next post.  I promise it will be soon. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Catching Up!

I can't believe it is June already!  I have been keeping up on reading your blogs and think we are all feeling the same way---time is moving way too fast!  Here's a little of what I've been up to.
A dear friend passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack.  He was only 62 and suffering from dementia.
We found out grandchild #5 is on the way.  Should arrive in early December.
Another proof that time is moving too fast--my middle daughter turned 30 in May!  Now, wait..... I'm going to have to move to 49 instead of 39  :)
Here are my 3 beautiful daughters and me at Emma's birthday party in a Victorian house that has been turned into a tea shop. Emma is 2nd from left. I actually thought my hair looked ok that day.  Hmmmm.... a photo tells the truth!
Here is our delicious tea luncheon! Plus all the tea you can drink-Dozens of flavors to choose from.

I have been stitching as time allows.

Pat Mazu Star in the Meadow Petite Stocking

I am in 2 round robin band sampler groups now.  One thru my local EGA group and one thru the Northwest Sampler Guild. We are over halfway finished with the NSG round robin.  But, this is the first sampler I have stitched on for the EGA group.  I did the top band-it is a section from Blackbird Designs Joyeux Noel booklet.

Gay Ann Rogers Christmas Mittens Heart-I didn't have mittens for the center space. So I substituted a Christmas pudding/cake button.

A retreat is coming up soon and there will be an exchange of smalls.  Here is what I stitched for the exchange. It's an old freebie and sorry, I can't remember who the designer is.

This is Aury's Patriotic Heart 2013

This is Aury's Patriotic Heart 2012.
I still have a large stack of smalls I'm trying to get thru.
I joined L'Atelier Perdu's Stitching Club 2015 and am waiting on the first part to arrive.
I joined Chrysanthemums in Autumn project at the Binding Stitch and it just arrived today.
And I joined in Judy O'Dell's Royal Book of Needles Cross-Over Design group.  This has coloring with crayons included in this project-sounds like fun!
Definitely plenty more stitching to do for the rest of the year! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Pacific Beach Retreat (picture heavy)

It was another fabulous year of stitching, food and friends! The weather was mild and sunny. No rain. Temps in the 60's
We had a charity auction and raised $1225 for Pediatric Interim Care Center (local charity that cares for drug-addicted newborns while they detox)
We had several sales tables (no vendors, just the stitchers destashing).
And the most wonderful show and tell-so sit back and enjoy the show (not so much tell :)

This picture is called Paradise Meadow by Teresa Frank.  It just won 1st place in a competition at NAN.

Here is what I stitched-Margaret Bendig's 6 sparklers from her online class.

And look what I was gifted by a very talented stitcher.  The tray and ort bag match my weekend project, scissors and scissor fob!  It says Stitch On inside the tray. Thanks, Lori!