Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stitchy Update

I have avoided posting on this blog because I didn't have much to report.
It's not that I haven't been stitching.  It's just that when one is working on BAP's, one doesn't feel that much is accomplished :)
(And I still don't have a giveaway ready for my 6th blogoversary! Oh, well, another day)
Here's an update of the ark on Plum Street Samplers The Flood-

 I was using the wrong color thread for the main part of the ship! Luckily I had only used it to outline the edges, so I was able to fix the majority of the problem-yikes!

I finished working on a friend's round robin band sampler.  The theme to this one is A Walk in the Woods. The bottom band is mine. Looking very cute so far!
Unfortunately the band sampler I submitted to this round robin group has been lost for nearly a year :( One member of the group was moving and it has apparently disappeared into an unknown moving box.

Out of desperation to have a finish, I dug out this Sam Sarah design-Liberty For Me. I even have a frame for it.  For now, it'll go on the ironing board with the other items ready for finish-finishing.
I also dug out this Hinzeit Alphabet Shuttle design. I used DMC 930 (blue) for the alphabet instead of the 310 (black) that was called-for.

This is the shuttle that the design goes into.
Another new grandbaby is due this Saturday,  So soon I should have more good news to post!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February Update

It's always a good day when I can report some finish-finishing and here it is-

Needlemade Designs
Home of the Free Sewing Set-box top, pinkeep and scissor fob

Stitching Parlor
Treasures Sewing Box

This is my answer to the Northwest Sampler Guild Presidents Tea Challenge.  Stitch something in a monochromatic color.  This design is a variation from a French book.
Even though stitching has been a struggle every day, I did manage one finish.

Renaissance Design 12 Days of Christmas Series -#11

 Plum Street Samplers The Flood-this ark is the only thing I haven't had to frog this month.

Catherine Theron Hidden Magnolia Sampler- I have really struggled reading the chart on this one.  I enlarged it and the symbols smeared. :(  The black heart, black triangle and black dot all look the same. So I've been reading the instructions for color numbers and then looking at the graph for placement.  Talk about slow!

Hillside Samplings Ann Tarbox-Bad news-I was stitching on the border and noticed I was uncomfortably close to the edge of the fabric. When I double-checked my starting point (in the center) I was WAY off! About 2 inches in both directions.
If you look close you can make out where the birds tail was originally above and to the left of the current position. One bottom section still needs to be frogged. 
Good news-the border stayed on the fabric and met when I came around the 2nd time. If it looks wider on the top than on the bottom, that is correct.

Here is the final large project I want to work on in 2016.  This is Gay Ann Rogers Guardian Angels of  Hollyhock House. I traded a box of 1980's baseball cards for this class project with all the Au Ver a Soie silks.  This is where the other stitcher left off.
It's on Evertite stretcher bars.  I've not used them before and can't get the little T-wrench to work. Is there a secret to it?
Jeannette Douglas is coming to teach two classes this weekend.  Then our sampler guild is having our annual tea on Sunday.  Jeannette will be our speaker. So I'm ramping up for several busy days and will have two more new projects soon.
Also, my sixth blogoversary has just passed and I will be doing a giveaway on my next post.  Have a great week!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Update

I can't believe how fast this first month of 2016 has passed!
I have been busy stitching and working.  Here are my stitching finishes-

Good Intentions
Kathy Barrick

Renaissance Designs
12 Days of Christmas #10

DD#1 called and told me there was going to be a craft day and it was going to be at my house.  I said ok.  This is what I ended up with-a ribbon tree. I have admired the trees that DD#1 made a couple of years ago.  We used Christmas ribbon from our stashes. It will look great on my mantle next Christmas!
I found this stitched Melissa Shirley canvas in November on a table at my EGA retreat in the Trash to Treasure room. I couldn't believe someone didn't want it.  There was a small inappropriate saying on the sign above the windows.  So I ripped out the stitching, replaced it and added a pin, and voila!  Ready for the finisher.
I also started three big projects-
Plum Street Samplers
The Flood
This ark is huge.  That is a 12" hoop.

Catherine Theron
The Hidden Magnolia Sampler
Hillside Samplings
Ann Tarbox
(Please excuse the horrid picture)
I have loved this sampler for a long time and thought I'd better get going.
There is one more large project to get going on this year. I'll share it next time.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye to 2015 & 2016 Stitchy Plans

Another year that went by in a flash! 
Our family Christmas was on Christmas Eve.  I got a gift certificate from DD#3 to my local LNS.  Oh, that is already gone, lol.
I had jury duty scheduled for yesterday and today.  I'm wondering why they would schedule jurors on New Years Eve??  Anyhow I was excused for both days. 
Here are my final stitching finishes for 2015-

Pat Mazu's Hanging Heart and Stars-our local EGA Christmas in July ornament

Sara Guermani Christmas Snowfalls

Shepherd's Bush Fold Ruler Holder front and back-I only have the needleroll in this set left to stitch.  I've never done hemstitching before.  But after reading the instructions, I'm going to give it a try in 2016.

Blackbird Designs Easter Parade flower basket

Elegant Stitch By The Numbers 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Kit- I already have the tray, pincushion, ruler holder finished. This scissor fob is the last item I'll be stitching from this. These kits are nearly sold out.  Click on the link above to get one.

Margaret Bendig's Bonus Sparkler Pattern for her Patriotic Sparklers Set offered thru EGA-I finished this set in May, but just got around to this bonus piece yesterday :)
I believe she is planning a second set in 2016.
Recently back from the finisher are three Barbara Jackson ornaments thru Shining Needle Society-
For the EGA Christmas ornament swap I took this one-
And received this one-
For the ANG Christmas ornament swap I took a sled ornament with a cabin stitched on it (forgot to take a picture) and received this one-
DD#1 and I did a private swap and I made this for her-
And received this one-
Personal Statistics for 2015-64 finishes-of which only 5 are medium/large designs.  Most of my stitching this year was smalls.  It wasn't planned but worked out that way.
I had a long list in January of 22 items I wanted to stitch.  Of that list I only stitched 4! Good intentions but I tend to stitch what catches my attention.
I attend 3 retreats and 3 classes in 2015.
2016 Plans-
There are 6 WIP's that I'd like to see progress on.  They are Terry Dryden's Tropical Jazz, Gay Ann Rogers Hollyhock House, Crabapple Hill Embroidered Alphabet Quilt, Patricks Woods Button Brag Book, Catherine Theron No Place Like Home and With My Needle Lady's Workbox.
   I have a Shepherd's Bush stocking for GD#3 due by next Christmas. 
 And I'd like to finish the Renaissance Designs 12 Days of Christmas series.  There are only 3 more canvases to stitch in that.
There are 7 more items in the "I'd Like to Start Them Soon" list.  They are Kathy Barrick Good Intentions, Plum Street Samplers The Flood, Hillside Samplings Ann Tarbox, GPA Elizabeth Doll, Farmers Tote (wool applique), SB Needleroll, Carolina Designs Hannah's House.
That totals 17 items which is fewer than the 22 I picked for 2015. We'll see :)
Many good wishes for a healthy and happy New Year 2016 to all of my followers and readers!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Welcome Baby Courtney Grace!

GD #3 Courtney Grace made her appearance on Dec 4, 2015.
She arrived at 6 am after only 2 quick hours of labor.  Mommy barely made it to the hospital!
Mother and baby are doing well.

Here are the three sisters together.  GD#1 will turn 4 next month.  And GD#2 is 2.

Here she is at 3 weeks old wearing a favorite sleeper that I saved from her mother's babyhood.

She's a keeper!
Here's an interesting fact-Courtney is the third generation of third daughters.  She is the third daughter of my third daughter and I am a third daughter also! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

EGA Retreat & More Finishes

I hope all of you had a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful for my healthy, growing family. 
We had a lazy day here. We went a little rogue and had tri-tip steaks and baked potatoes for our dinner.  The best part to me is the smoked salmon we eat as our traditional appetizer.  Love it!
I went to our annual EGA retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving. There was a fierce windstorm in the area on Monday before our retreat started on Thursday.  The power went out at the camp and didn't come back on until Friday around noon. Thursday we were notified that the retreat was delayed until Friday and possibly cancelled. But thanks to the hard work of the power crews the retreat went on!
And it was great!  For the first time I actually won an opportunity basket!
I forgot to take any pictures, but here is the ornament I stitched up for the smalls exchange-

And here is the darling mini Temari ball that I received in the exchange. I have never done any Temari balls and probably never will.  But I love getting one!

Meanwhile more has come back from the finisher-

This is the ornament I bought off of ebay and it was 75% finished when I got it. Love the way it turned out! It's by Margaret Bendig, I think.

 This is Richard Seekins Patriotic Teardrop Ornament.

This is The Stitcherhood's Merry Christmas ornament.

This is Blackbird Designs Noel stocking.

And finally, here is Cricket Collection Mother and Child stitched on Congress cloth and made into an ornament. I really love the way this one turned out.  I think this chart is overlooked by many stitchers.
Here are my latest finishes-

Crabapple Hill
Stitching Makes Me Happy-
Not sure how I'll finish this. 

Needlemade Designs
Home of the Free Sewing Set

 This is the box that the flag will fit into.

Above is the pinkeep for the sewing set.

This is the scissor fob for the sewing set.
I have a small project and a larger project that I'd like to finish before the end of the year. But who knows if that will happen?
I'm listing and selling on ebay like a crazy person! Three people at the retreat brought items for me to sell for them.  And I received a box from a new client before I left and I'm expecting another box soon.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of five Christmas parties I'll be attending.  I'm actually hosting the Northwest Sampler Guild Christmas party.  And I have all my exchange stitching ready to go!  No last minute rushing to get something finished Yay! 
I'll be back before the New Year to give a 2015 rundown of my stitching.  But if I don't check in before Christmas, here's wishing all my readers and followers a very blessed Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah!