Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Month-end Stitching Updates

Permit Me Not to Stray
Heartstring Samplery
32 ct Belfast linen-Vintage Country Cream

Called for GAST threads and a couple of DMC substitutions

I have been struggling with blogger (see the spacing problem above). Some of my earlier posts were not cooperating and I have been having trouble leaving comments (sigh).

But I want to share with you the latest on the stitching front! As usual, I have gotten carried away with just one big project. Above is the last update on this Adam & Eve sampler. Here is today-

Isn't it lovely? Sorry for the slight fuzziness, but I know you can get the idea. The words in the bottom sash are over 1, so I left them for nearly the last thing :) I ran out of GAST Baby Spinach on the border and have been trying several different DMC threads to find an acceptable substitute. Nothing is really working though. I just ordered more Baby Spinach and hope the dye lot differences won't be too awful :(

Mystery Sampler
With Thy Needle and Thread
35 ct WDW Confederate Grey linen
Called for WDW threads

I normally stitch from the center out. So starting with the border is requiring a change of brain function for me. As you might recall, all previous attempts at starting in the corner inevitably result in an uneven border of fabric around the design. :) It took forever to get this far! But I am already loving this design!

Renaissance Designs
Five Christmas Trees Shimmering
18 ct mono canvas
Stitch guide by Pamela Harding

This one was actually worked on at the stitching retreat a month ago, but I forgot to show it to you. This one is a Crazy January Challenge project.

Raise the Roof
Happy Camper
32 ct Permin linen navy
DMC and GAST threads

This project is for my grandson. The fabric is hard to see even with my lighted magnifier. But the stitch count is only 102 x 88 so I think I'll get it done this year.


Jackie said...

I have been having problems with blogger also unable to leave comments. I think maybe it is fixed now.
Your stitched projects are coming along beautifully. Love your Adam and Eve Sampler. I hope to get WTH mystery sampler in this week. More than likely, it will become sort of just collection for me for now.
TFS as I enjoy seeing your work.

Nancy said...

Blogger has not been working properly for a lot of people, hopefully they will get the problems fixed soon. Love your WIP especially Permit Me...! I stopped myself from purchasing this design but you are tempting me with yours!!

Parsley said...

I agree with the others. Blogger is nuts for many right now. Hang in there.

Love the stitching! How fun!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You're making great progress on Permit Me Not to Stray. It looks fabulous.

Carol said...

I've been away for almost two weeks and am so glad I missed the latest blogger problems! You sure have been productive Teresa--love the A&E piece with that chubby cherub in the upper right corner :)

mdgtjulie said...

You have so much on the go. Grats on all the progress, especially on your A & E sampler. You really finished a lot of it!! Wow! Keep up the good work and you'll be all out of stash, lol.

Alice said...

Nice fabrics! That blue must be hard to stitch on!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching! I really love the A&E sampler.

Giovanna said...

Oh I love all of this, but especially the A&E sampler - what a beauty!
Good luck with Blogger, I'm so glad my blog is elsewhere after reading all the complaints :-)

Siobhan said...

Beautiful!!! I love everything but the A&E makes my heart sing. I have to stitch that design--it'd go so nicely with Jane Atkinson, I think.

I was having problems with spacing on blogger and so switched to the new editor, which has solved that. Honestly, I think they created the problems so that people would switch over! I have had problems leaving comments and things, though.