Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 Generations of Stitchers!

I have many stitching updates for you this week, but today's post is about Sunday's stitching day at my daughter's house-

 This is DD#1's stocking almost finished-just a little bit of backstitching to do.  This stocking is for her husband.

 This is DD#2's stocking that she is beginning for her husband.

I forgot to get a picture of DD#3's stitching :( She has expanded her knitting to way beyond anything I can do.  Courtesy of YouTube and books like Knitting for Dummies.  And recently asked me to teach her to sew.

Here is a picture of six-year old Grandson #1's first stitching project.  It is plastic canvas, large blunt needle and scavenged 3 ply yarn from an old kit!  I charted out the flower on a piece of graph paper with colored pencils.  No problems following the graph at all. He made it into a necklace for his mom-Great Job, GS#1!

Here is my poor, pathetic excuse for stitching.  It is the beginning of another pin cushion. (I'm in a bit of a pincushion mania right now.) I should have several to choose from when the pin cushion exchange comes in November at our EGA stitching retreat.

As you can guess much of my time was spent advising and helping GS#1 with his mystery loop disease (he kept putting the needle down from the top and forgetting to come up from the bottom for the next stitch).

I have a finish to share tomorrow! Wow, it's been quite a while since I said that :)


Sarah said...

How lovely that you can all enjoy your crafts together all the stitching is lovely. The stockings are beautiful I cannot wait to see your pin cushion finished.

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful stocking and stitching!

Siobhan said...

Awww, how sweet that you got to share the love of the needle(s) with your loved ones. Beautiful work!

Christine said...

What a lovely way for your family to spend time together.
I've done some stitching with primary school children and that magic loop disease is far more common than you might think

Giovanna said...

What a lovely stocking, and your GS's stitching is so sweet (and very good too).

Tricia said...

Wonderful stocking finish! I did the one dd#2 is making for my dd last Christmas. Those are a LOT of work!!!!

Vonna said...

How wonderful to bask in your harvest of stitcher you've created Teresa :)

Penny said...

Those are beautiful stockings. How nice to have so many stitchers in the family. :)

Lorrie said...

Very beautiful stockings! How blessed you are to get to stitch with so many generations in your family. Lucky ladies in your EGA to get one of your pincushions! Lorrie