Friday, June 29, 2012

Seminar Is Over and More Stitching Updates

2012 Greater Pacific Region EGA Seminar is over.  It will happen again in 2014 in Reno. Here is a view of the boutique set up by Jeannine from Acorn & Threads in Portland.  A little bit of everything a stitcher could want.  There was also a book store set up by Ruth Kerns.

I forgot to mention that the opening and closing banquets had favors on the table at each place setting.  The hand-blown glass apple is mine from the opening banquet.  And the hand-blown magnet is mine from the closing banquet. The floss is just to give you some idea of their size. They were boxed and we couldn't see what was in the boxes when we sat down. There were many colors of magnets and apples, but I like the ones I got. :)

There was also a merchandise night on Sunday night and I forgot to take a picture.  It was a chance for the teachers, seminar staff, LNS, and a few others to sell to the attendees. It was very crowded and I was happy to pick up a smalls project from Haberdashery (remember the LNS in Spokane?). Brenda, the owner, designed several original projects and held classes for many years.  I fell in love with some of them, but only a few patterns were left by the time I "discovered" her store.  So this was an unexpected windfall. :) If anyone has unwanted Haberdashery designs, please let me know

These are the "opportunity" baskets at the closing banquet (the ticket bags had already been collected). Each EGA chapter in our region could send a basket as a fundraiser. They get to keep 100% of the money raised. Do you see the blue Tiffany bag on the right end of the table?  It had a $100 Visa gift card in it (and a giftpak of DMC floss).  Guess who won that one?!  Yes, it was me!!  Woo Hoo-it is already burning a hole in my pocket!

I forgot to show you the latest on Holiday Patches on my last post.  Just LOVE the red cardinal fabric! And I'm tickled that the borders are finished and the "fun stuff" is about to begin. Hope to have this one finished by Chrismas (2012).

Here is my start of SAL Sopresa 2.  I'm using 36 ct. Lakeside Linen Maple Syrup. And DMC threads-one thread over 2.

Have a very fun and stitchy weekend.  Keep cool-I hate to mention that we seem to be nearly the only area of the U.S. that is keeping cool.  We hit 71 today-sprinkles off and on.  About the same forecast for tomorrow.


ariadne said...

Congrats for winning! It's because you are so kind! Every time I am generous and give away something I get more in return! It just happened to you, too!I am glad you had a good time! AriadnefromGreece!

Anonymous said...

wow!! what a lucky strike!! :D
I'm so happy we're both doing this SAL! :D
I'm using NPI and Soie d'Alger silks on a 36ct. Zweigart linen.. (how I wish I had a cut of Maple Syrup in my stash!! :D)
off getting these people a roof! :D
happy xxx!

Margaret said...

Looks like such fun! Love the apple and magnet. Too bad you discovered the Haberdashery table so late. I'm going to have to look that one up since I'd never heard of it. Love your quilt and your WIP too. Both are beautiful!

CalamityJr said...

Love all your photos, but especially the Holiday Patches. That design is stunning! Enjoy your gift card - what fun.

Giovanna said...

Great WIPs and what pretty gifts.

Katherine said...

When my son heard about our 100 degree temps - and power outage due to storms, he was kind enough to tell us about your temps in the 70's (he lives in Puyallup). Oy vey!

Veronica said...

Love that hand-blown glass apple. It's so pretty! Ooh... congrats on the Visa gift card and DMC floss. Any idea what you'll be spending it on?

Beautiful cardinals fabric. Looking forward to see more of the project. Good progress on your SAL too.


Sherry said...

Looks like a blast. We had that horrible heat wave. It has cooled down a bit but still hot in the late day.

Sandy said...

Love your fabric choices for the Holiday Patches!