Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Weekend in Leavenworth, WA

I'm sorry that there is no stitching to report.  I have been a little busy and here is one reason why-

Yes, 4 month old little GS#2.  His mom just went back to work and I am helping out with his daycare.  Just one day a week but it is an exhausting day.  When my 9 year old GS#1 was a baby I had a lot more energy. 
By the way GS#2 has red hair.  DH and I are tickled about it.  DH had a full head of red hair when we married 35 years ago.  Now he has only a brown fringe around the sides :)
I wanted to tell you a little about this past weekend we spent in Leavenworth, WA.  It is NOT the home of the federal prison! 
It is a Bavarian-themed village in the mountains of WA state.  Since DH is German and plays the accordion, it is the perfect getaway for us.  DD#1 and her family came along as well.

This is a look down one end of the main street with a view of a mountain in the background.  Do you see the haze?  That is smoke from some forest fires in the area. We watched helicopters carrying water back and forth in the mountains all weekend.
We ate lots of good German fare.  Schnitzel, spaetzle, red cabbage, bratwurst, etc.
And after our Saturday evening meal we were walking back to our car and what did our ears hear??

Yes, is was a German band called Alpen Folk playing music in the town gazebo.  There were polkas and various other songs like Edelweiss from Sound of Music, and a cute little diddy about a famous Austrian actor turned governor :)  We stopped and listened until they took a break. DH bought both of their CD's and the music is quite good.  We really appreciate the hammer dulcimer because DH's mother used to play one.

There was also an art show going on. And there was a farmer's market on Thursday evening. Horse-drawn carriage rides, too.

And on Sunday morning just before we left for home, out came the "beer wagon"

One other place we visited was a large antique mall in Cashmere, WA  called Apple Annies. It was about 12 miles from Leavenworth.  Next door in the same building was a restaurant called the 59er Diner.  This kitchen vignette was part of the diner décor.  Isn't it lovely?  Oh, it takes me back.

But this is my favorite photo of the weekend.  GS#1 sitting on a stool with a milkshake in his hand.  He was great fun and took the store full of "old stuff"  in stride.  His reward was time in the swimming pool back at our bed and breakfast.

I didn't get a photo of the new Leavenworth Quilt Company quilt store. It just opened in Nov 2013.  I spent Friday morning there while the others went horseback riding.  Oh, I had more fun than they did!
Now it is back to real life and I put up 16 pints of bread and butter pickles today.  I'm also picking out a theme, fabric and threads for a round robin band sampler that will be starting soon with the NW Sampler Guild.
And trying to kit up several of the pincushion dolls.
I have another exciting weekend coming up later this month.  I'll keep you posted!


Thoeria said...

Awww Teresa! He is adorable!!!How cute :)
Your German village looks like a whole lot of fun!And I can well iumagine that time at a quilt shop would be a whole lot more fun than riding a horse!

Annette-California said...

I love Leavenworth WA and I have been there several times. Is the Gingerbread Factory still there? And Christina Marie's restaurant had the best Belgian Waffles in the world.
I even have a few cross stitch kits from a yarn needle shop that used to be there long ago. Loved seeing all your photos. Glad you had a great time with the grandchildren:)
love Annette

Marilyn said...

Oh, he is too cute. :)
Looks like you had a great time in Leavenworth.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

cucki said...

aw he is so cute..
looks like you had a fun time..sweet hugs x

Catherine said...

Your grandsons are adorable!! Oh I wish I could take my husband to that village one day! We both have German heritage and he played the accordion when he was younger!! And don't get me going on loving German food and diners!!

Maggee said...

Great post! What a cute little guy you get to care for once a week! He will keep you hopping soon! Leavenworth looks like a fun place to visit--glad you all had a nice time! Hugs!

valerie said...

Looks like you all had a great time in Leavenworth, WA! What fun! So glad you got to spend some time with your grandsons!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful little trip. I have been there several years ago and enjoyed all the German food.
Jealous of the new little red head. My daughter has red hair and would love for her to give us a little red head.

Vickie said...

What cute grandsons you have! :)
What a cool getaway also.

Barb said...

Wonderful pictures of your cute and handsome grand sons! We have been to Leavenworth. It is such a fun place. Very interesting about the helicopters and the fires!

Margaret said...

My DH was a beautiful coppery strawberry blond in his younger years. You can still see the red shining through. DD's hair comes from him -- a gorgeous color no one believes is real. lol! GS#2 is adorable! Love the pic of GS#1 on your trip too. Looks like a great little town for a visit!

Sheryl S. said...

What a lovely getaway and handsome grandsons.

Brigitte said...

When I first saw the pictures and before reading the text I thought you had been visiting Germany, lol. Those houses look very genuine. Must have been a great weekend out.

KimM said...

It looks like a lovely time. What a sweet baby.