Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Busy November Started with Disneyland!

Sorry it has been so long since I checked in!
November started with a trip to John Wayne Airport in So. California.
We arrived just as that latest large cold front and windstorms hit the Seattle area.
My cousin was so kind to allow us to stay at her home while we were there.  The weather was beautiful the whole week.
Thus embarked an 8 day trip with 5 theme parks to visit.

I will not bore you with a ton of photos, just my favorites.
Here is Disneyland.

Grandson got selected to become a junior Jedi.  Here he is practicing against the Star Wars villain Darth Mal.
Darth kept scowling at the really little kids sitting close by (4-6 yrs).   I thought they would cry!

We arrived right at the beginning of the Christmas Celebrations and here are a few photos of the street dancing.

My favorite park was California Adventure.  My favorite ride was Soarin Over California.

Here is Princess Sofia-taken for my 2 yr old granddaughter who dressed up as Princess Sofia for Halloween.

Lastly, the movie Frozen is VERY big right now in stores in Disneyland, California Adventure and Disney Downtown.  This store was called Elsa and Anna. 
And yes, there was a beauty salon in the back for little girls to be "transformed" into one of the princesses.  Here is one of the them being transformed!

I skipped LEGOLAND and stayed home with my cousin while grandpa, mom and dad went with grandson.  Then we all went to Universal Studios (liked the Orlando park better), and lastly was SeaWorld.
More to come!


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! Im a Disney nerd and since I live in Fl, I frequently visit Disney World in Orlando. Never been to the one in CA. Glad you all had a nice time. :)

Susan said...

Nice pictures, Teresa! I SO enjoyed your visit, especially our day together, and I love my biscornu!! :)