Monday, July 6, 2015

The Circle of Life

I have been away from my blog experiencing the circle of life in our family.
I mentioned previously that we are expecting grandchild #5 in December.  When the little one arrives, we will have 4 grandchildren 3 years old and under.  (The oldest is 10)
It was past time to get one of these-

We just got finished assembling it yesterday.  I'll bet you can guess how we spent July 4th this year!
And as the circle of life works, we lost my mother-in-law last month. She was 89 years young. She died on the 66th anniversary of her immigration to the USA from Germany in 1949.

 Here she is with my GS#2 in April.  The good news is that we know where she is and are confident we will see her again.

I shared this photo because this is NOT how things are done in Washington state.  Here caskets are not seen by mourners.  We have memorial services where photos of the deceased are displayed.  Absolutely no graveside services except for immediate family!
This type of service is very Midwestern (specifically in Indiana) and sometimes the casket is open during the service. After the service, we walked out of the chapel and had a short graveside eulogy.  It was very touching.

While I was in Indiana, I wanted to check out the local Civil War cemetery.  There was a prisoner of war camp located in Lafayette during the Civil war and any soldiers that didn't survive were buried here.  Just a few photos-

The gate was open along the left of the left brick column for foot travelers only. It says "Greenbush Cemetery. Here rest our old settlers"

I actually found these 3 markers for local Revolutionary War soldiers.

Many of the markers were too worn from age to read.  But I got this Civil War veteran from Indiana's 51st infantry.
Don't think my celebrations of the 4th passed without some stitching!
I have a patriotic finish or two to share-

Threadwork Primitives Beggar's 4th

Birds of a Feather Land That I Love

My final AuryTM Heart (I think, it might be 2011 or 2012?) I have a total of 5 different ones now.

And a patriotic start.  Who can guess what this it?  I think it is too easy already :)
I had a couple of emails regarding the Aury hearts.  I found her blog and I guess the charts are no longer free. She has expanded her business and is selling them.
More finishes and lots of new stash in the next post.  I promise it will be soon. Have a great week!


Cricket-bug Corner said...
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Cricket-bug Corner said...

I'm sorry about your mother in law. Lovely stitching

Robin said...

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing of your mother in law. It was interesting to read about the regional differences in funerals. Congratulations on your new backyard equipment and the upcoming grandbaby. Your finishes look great.

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

Congratulations and condolences. Oh my. That is how life works, isn't it. I had to read about the funeral three times, as I live in Wisconsin and this is totally how I have experienced funerals my whole life.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Life certainly gives us great moments and sad moments and you've had both! Hugs to you and your family.

What wonderful patriotic stitching!

Tammy B said...

Sorry to here about your MIL. I did not realize the funeral services were so different.

Maggee said...

So sorry to read about the sad part of the circle of life for you and your family! It does happen... and I am glad you know you will see her again! Five grands already!! Wow! Congrats! I have to get Beggar's 4th... I fall in love every time I see it! But have to admit I haven't see the Land that I Love before... surprisingly enough! I collected Aury's charts too... tried one... it's a WIP... Have NO IDEA on the new start, but can't wait to hear! Funny how the genealogy bug goes everywhere with us, and how anything attracts our attention--even cemetery stones that have no relation to us! We have it bad!! Hugs!

marly said...

Sorry for your loss. I had no idea that different areas of the country have memorials so varied.