Wednesday, December 2, 2015

EGA Retreat & More Finishes

I hope all of you had a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful for my healthy, growing family. 
We had a lazy day here. We went a little rogue and had tri-tip steaks and baked potatoes for our dinner.  The best part to me is the smoked salmon we eat as our traditional appetizer.  Love it!
I went to our annual EGA retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving. There was a fierce windstorm in the area on Monday before our retreat started on Thursday.  The power went out at the camp and didn't come back on until Friday around noon. Thursday we were notified that the retreat was delayed until Friday and possibly cancelled. But thanks to the hard work of the power crews the retreat went on!
And it was great!  For the first time I actually won an opportunity basket!
I forgot to take any pictures, but here is the ornament I stitched up for the smalls exchange-

And here is the darling mini Temari ball that I received in the exchange. I have never done any Temari balls and probably never will.  But I love getting one!

Meanwhile more has come back from the finisher-

This is the ornament I bought off of ebay and it was 75% finished when I got it. Love the way it turned out! It's by Margaret Bendig, I think.

 This is Richard Seekins Patriotic Teardrop Ornament.

This is The Stitcherhood's Merry Christmas ornament.

This is Blackbird Designs Noel stocking.

And finally, here is Cricket Collection Mother and Child stitched on Congress cloth and made into an ornament. I really love the way this one turned out.  I think this chart is overlooked by many stitchers.
Here are my latest finishes-

Crabapple Hill
Stitching Makes Me Happy-
Not sure how I'll finish this. 

Needlemade Designs
Home of the Free Sewing Set

 This is the box that the flag will fit into.

Above is the pinkeep for the sewing set.

This is the scissor fob for the sewing set.
I have a small project and a larger project that I'd like to finish before the end of the year. But who knows if that will happen?
I'm listing and selling on ebay like a crazy person! Three people at the retreat brought items for me to sell for them.  And I received a box from a new client before I left and I'm expecting another box soon.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of five Christmas parties I'll be attending.  I'm actually hosting the Northwest Sampler Guild Christmas party.  And I have all my exchange stitching ready to go!  No last minute rushing to get something finished Yay! 
I'll be back before the New Year to give a 2015 rundown of my stitching.  But if I don't check in before Christmas, here's wishing all my readers and followers a very blessed Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah!


Marilyn said...

Great projects and finishes.

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous finished projects! Enjoy the upcoming holiday parties!

Maggee said...

What lovely stitching you do! And all your finishes are beautiful! You are going to be one busy lady, with so many functions to attend and one to host! Wow! Here's to a Very Merry Christmas for you! Hugs!

Melody said...

What beautiful stitching you have done! I agree the Cricket ornament is a beauty. Is it a book by itself or with a larger project?

Syd said...

Beautiful finishes! Merry Christmas!