Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aury's 2009 & 2010 4th of July Ornaments

Aury's blog freebies
30 ct fabric
GAST Freedom & Buckeye Scarlet, Crescent Colours Khaki Mocha

Here are Aury's 2009 AND 2010 4th of July freebie ornaments. Don't they look great? The one on the left is the 2010 ornament-it is on the exact same fabric as the 2009 ornament, but it is bigger. I love them both! Now they go into the "to be finished" pile.

I am going to be busy stitching this holiday weekend and hope to finish He's A Flake and make some progress on the Prairie Schooler ABC project. Have a happy 4th of July!


Deb said...

They do both look great! Are you going to finish them off this weekend! I hope to get a lot of stitching in this weekend too, but who knows! Have a great 4th!

Giovanna said...

They look great together!

Sherry said...

They look fantastic! I can't wait to see them finished off! Happy holiday weekend!

Lesley said...

I like those ones :)