Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation Stitching

Top Left: Little House Needleworks
Pear Tree
32 ct fabric
Called for DMC threads
Top Right: Aury's 2009 4th of July ornament
30 ct fabric
Crescent Colours khahi mocha, GAST Buckeye Scarlet and Freedom
Bottom: Little House Needleworks
He's A Flake
32 ct fabric
Called for DMC threads

Between graduation festivities, visiting tourist attractions, and helping my mother-in-law close down her home and put it on the market, there wasn't much time to actually put needle and thread to fabric! When there was time, my eyes were too tired to stitch.

Here is Little House Needleworks Pear Tree. This was a fast stitch and a joy. I do still need to apply the beads on the ends of the backstitched branches.

Next is Aury's 2009 4th of July ornament on the top right. You can't tell from the picture, but there is enough fabric left on the bottom of this piece to stitch the 2010 ornament-that will be my next small project.

Last, but not least, is Little House Needleworks He's A Flake. He's coming along nicely and was started on the plane ride HOME!

I wish I had more to show for 2 weeks work! Thanks for all your kind comments--it makes my day to read them!


Deb said...

I think you have quite a lot finished considering everything that you've had going on in your life! I like each and every one!

Giovanna said...

Very nice set of ornaments!

Anonymous said...

You have been very productive! I love the patriotic heart. I downloaded that one the other day- what I coincidence to see it here! Nice job on it. :)