Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy January Challenge 2011 Project List

After much pulling of charts and putting back of charts and pulling threads and making lists and changing my mind, here is the list of projects for the Crazy January Challenge 2011. In no particular order-

1. Homespun Elegance Holiest of Nights

2. Plum Street Samplers Rejoice

3. Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler 2009-see Giovanna's here

4. Raise the Roof Happy Camper

5. Hawkins House-Apple Tree Sampler

6. Praiseworthy Stitches Tiny Pumpkin Etui-scroll down

7. With Thy Needle & Thread Give Thanks

8. Little House Needleworks Needle & Thread

9. Praiseworthy Stitches Sunflower Friends

10. Blackbird Designs Spring Fling

11. BrightNeedle Pretty in Pink Pinkeep and Fob-scroll down

12. Petite Sampling Etui-collarboration by Cherished Stitches, Priaseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor and With My Needle

13. With My Needle Quaker Hornbook

14. Sheepish Designs Temptation

15. Needle Delights-Rainforest Crunch-scroll down to 15th item

16. Renaissance Designs Five Christmas Trees Shimmering

A careful combination of small, medium and large projects by a broad selection of designers.

Did I tell you the initial 22 charts that I pulled turned into 23 charts? Then I had to reduce and that was the hardest part of this challenge so far! Despite my best efforts, I could only get to 16 charts. :) The criteria I had to use was sometimes bizarre.

For example, I had a different box-type project that I wanted to stitch (from Antique & Sampler Quarterly magazine). But I had all the Vikki Clayton silks for Petite Sampling Etui in my stash and I would have had to order a bunch of Gloriana and NPI silks for the other project. So, considering my budget, I went with PSE.

All of the fabric is cut and the last threads needed are on order. I'm anxious to get started, but still stitching to finish some small items for 2010.

More tomorrow!

Edited: The link to this amazing challenge is here and on my sidebar. It will take you to the original site and all the explanations (very simple).


Lyssa said...

WOW! You have managed your whole list already. I have 3 LOL. I'm going to have to get moving because I want them all kitted and ready to go before Christmas!

Feel free to enter more then once at my 31 days of giveaways. Be as greedy as you want :)

Crystal said...

WOW is right, I had 50 some odd on my list to start with but I've narrowed it down to 15. Now to go through and see how much it is going to cost in fabric and threads, I might be making some changes to my list. Looking forward to next year and watching the development of your 15 (sorry 16) LOL

SoCal Debbie said...

WOW! (again) I clicked all the links to see your designs. I hope to get my list of 15 ready soon too.

gracie said...

I think I almost have my you, I have changed my mind on a few, I am also trying for a mix of "sizes" then I will put my list out. Maybe next week....

Karen said...

Great list! I'm working on mine also and hope to pull it all together soon. Will be neat to see your progress on these next year.

Deb said...

I've seen this challenge and I think that I'm going to do it, but I keep looking at huge pieces and I know that I certainly wouldn't get those finished in a year. You have a great list and maybe I'll find a few on yours that I have in my stash to think about.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mom!


Christine said...

Impressive list, looking forward to seeing your progress

Carol said...

Oh, I shouldn't have clicked on your links, Teresa! Now, I've found even more things I'd like to add to my stash...

Great looking list of projects--I really look forward to following your progress :)

Shari said...

wow!!! Amazing!! you already know which 15 you are doing!!!! I MUST find this blog to sign up!!!