Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First Blog Award!

Thank you to both Marlene and Alyssa for giving me my very first blogging award!

Here are 7 items about myself that you probably don't know-

1. I was born and raised in Indiana and still consider myself a Hoosier, even though I have lived in WA for 26 years.

2. I am still married to the husband "of my youth." He was 19 and I was 20 when we tied the knot in 1979.

3. I have been a realtor for 10 years.

4. I started attending a new church in 2010 and am still adjusting. Learning new names gets harder each year.

5. My favorite TV show is American Pickers.

6. My favorite DVD series is Inspector Morse. But I like many, many British crime dramas.

7. This year's vacation will be to Yellowstone National Park.

This award is supposed to be passed along, but I am giving that more thought. I see that some blogs prefer NOT to have awards. What do you think?


gracie said...

This is nice to learn about one another...I love the BBC and all British mysteries...Inspector Morse, Midommer Murders, etc.

momsue84 said...

I live in Cody, WY, just outside the eastern entrance to Yellowstone. We visit Yellowstone every chance we get during the season. I hope you have a wonderful time. It's an amazing place!

Blu Stitcher said...

WTG on your award. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone.

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the award! YGG! It's fun to read more about you. I love those awards--they're always fun. Yellowstone--I am SO jealous. I hope you'll share photos!

I decided to post a No Awards Please thingie on my blog. I am so flattered when people think of me in terms of awards, but I also know how it feels when I don't get them. Obviously I understand and all that, I don't blog for the awards, but there are soooo many blogs and sooo many wonderful bloggers and stitchers out there. I also have people who always leave comments for me that don't have a blog. I didn't feel comfortable picking and choosing amongst my blogging buddies and didn't want to get into a situation where I was keeping track of whom I'd given awards to, so I did the no awards thing. How much of a convoluted answer is that?! I guess it all stems back to being the chubby kid always getting picked last to join a team in gym class. I didn't want to unwittingly do that to somebody else, even though I know the opposite is the reason behind the awards.

jhm said...

I would love to know where in Indiana. That's where I reside these days - didn't grow up here but consdier myself a Hoosier now.