Sunday, July 17, 2011

#12 of 16

Apple Tree Sampler
Hawkins House
32 ct Belfast linen Lt Sand
DMC, Crescent Colours, and GAST threads

Yeah, the remaining Crazy January Challenge projects are getting fewer! Only 5 more to go!   I actually made a list last night of the already-started projects I want to finish in 2011.  There are 16 (only 3 of these are actually on my blog sidebar as WIPS's) + the CJC 5 + 2 more new starts (large ones).  Are you keeping track? That is 23! 

Oh, yeah, and there is still life to least I have the list :)


Annemarie said...

What a gorgeous finish! I was wondering if anyone was still woring on their January Challenges. You certainly are. I'm in awe.

Giovanna said...

So pretty, well done!

Siobhán said...

WOW!! You are just zooming through those challenge pieces! You go girl! It looks great.