Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Starts and an Oldie But A Goodie

Blackbird Designs
Autumn Song
30 ct R & R Iced Cappucino
Called for WDW threads

I have been dying to start this one!  And actually put it on my list "To Start in 2011"-we'll see if I get it finished :)

Tree of Life Samplings
Penny America
36 ct Lakeside Linen Maple Sugar
Called for DMC and WDW threads

Who can resist this one? It is darling!   I see a lot of bloggers working on this one (or finished it already,yes, I mean you, Faye!)

Birds of a Feather
Le Printemps
36 ct Edinburgh linen
WDW threads

This is the oldie but goodie.  I pulled it out and got some work done.  Much more to go, but I love the "outlining" of the design, lots of empty space, and the overdyed threads are perfection on this.

I have also started a new project for my new grandbaby that is on the way.  Can't share photos because my daughter checks in here occasionally.

I'm off on vacation this weekend.  One of my 2 1/2 remaining Crazy January Challenges is already in my sewing bag (it is already packed, of course). So I hope to have another finish to post when I return.


Annemarie said...

Whew, looks like you're a busy little bee! Love love love Printemps. I have 'Hiver' in my stash... might go and dig it up after seeing your beautiful start!

Enjy your vacation!

Siobhán said...

Wow, beautiful projects! I love that BBD--I need to dig it out--it's the perfect autumnal stitch. I love Penny America! Jan hit a home run with that design, didn't she?! Love Le P, too. I just love those designs. I need to stitch L'Hiver. I wasn't so crazy about the autumn piece but will probably stitch it at some point all the same.

Chris said...

So many great starts! I love all these charts.

Gabi said...

Lovely projects. All of them. Autumn song is such a gorgeous chart. Have that on my to do list as well. Penny America is of course a beauty. Love that design.
And Le Printemps is looking fantastic as well.
Wishing you lots of fun on your vacation

mdgtjulie said...

You have lots on the go. I like that Autumn Song, quite a bit. I'm becoming a bird lover, lol.

Carol said...

Penny America is one I've had my eye on, too, Teresa...Looking forward to watching your progress :)

Enjoy your vacation!!

Mindi said...

Beautiful projects! I just added Penny America to my stash, and I have the winter version of the BoaF piece.

Giovanna said...

Great plans, and Printemps looks really great!

Lorrie said...

Looks like you have some great projects lined up. As quick as you stitch, we'll see finishes soon.