Monday, August 8, 2011

RAK Received, 3 Finish-Finishes & Bountiful Basket #3

Lorrie S from Iowa has received my RAK.  I mailed it on Saturday morning from WA  and she received on Monday!  Wow!  Unusually fast USPS service!

With Thy Needle & Thread
Give Thanks
28 ct linen
Called for WDW threads

Crazy January Challenge #12 of 16 is finished! I am very proud of getting this one done! It was the over one stitching that I struggled with but eventually made work.  Basting interfacing under the linen really helped to stabilize it and I never lost a stitch! 

 I bought the frame from Brenda's website when I bought the pattern.  She painted over the black with sage green (?) I believe.  What do you think of just leaving it the original black? 

Another  Make and Take pincushion finished! There is only one project that I don't have finished and it is larger with embroidery on it.  So it will take some time and honestly, I want to put my time elsewhere right now.

Hawkins House
Apple Tree Sampler

Another finish-finish for the sampler wall!  I erroneously counted this one as #12 of my Crazy January Challenge completions.  It was actually #11.

Feel free to click on the photos for a better view.

 This week's Bountiful Basket--one honeydew melon, large greenleaf lettuce, broccoli, large bunch of spinach, 3 mangos, 3 lb sack of sweet onions, 3 peaches, 4 nectarines, one large shallot, 1 lb mushrooms, one eggplant, and 8 bananas.  Woo hoo!


Siobhan said...

WOW!! Talk about some gorgeous finishes! I love your framed pieces--both frames are wonderful. That Halloween frame is too cute! Love the RAK, too. I was stash diving this afternoon, looking for my PS charts--they have so many cute designs. You know I love the A&E, too--great choice for the frame!

Lesley said...

I think that black frame is a little harsh looking for the delicate stitching.

If you need me to take some of that produce off your hands just let me know!! ;)

RuthB said...

Wow. Is that smoke I see coming from your needles?

Congratulations on wonderful stitching and finishing!!!!

Ranae said...

Wowza!! you have some neat finishes there, love the frame for Give Thanks.
I bet Lorrie was thrilled to receive a pretty FOB

Gabi said...

Beautiful finishes. All of them. And totally adore your Apple Tree Sampler. Still drooling here

Karen said...

Such pretty finishes. I like the black frame but am so fond of sage green too. Would look good either way I think.

happy stitching....and kudos to almost being finsihed with your Challenge pieces!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful finishes! Give Thanks has such a pretty frame!

Best wishes,

Laurie in Iowa said...

All your finishes look great... but my favorite has to be The Apple Tree Sampler.

Christine said...

Great finishes, I like the distressed effect on the black frame.
The fruit and veg look wonderful

Chris said...

Beautiful post. I love all your finishes.
What a great assoertment of veggies. YUM!

Giovanna said...

What a gorgeous show of finishes! Congrats! Really, really like Apple Tree Sanpler...

lpat said...

I have never seen the Apple Tree Sampler by Hawkins House. It is beautiful! I love the vibrant colors in this piece. Thank you again for making me recipient of your RAK - it is so beautiful. I smile every time I look at it. Lorrie

Carol said...

What a great bunch of finishes, Teresa! Congratulations on finishing 12 of 16, too :)