Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some Finishes & A Weekend in Arizona (picture heavy)

January is shaping up to be all about smalls.  Here are the latest finishes-

Gay Ann Rogers Samples

Barbara Jackson's latest Christmas Ornament thru Shining Needle Society

Olde Colonial Designs Pins and Needles Pincushion Top

The Stitcherhood Merry Christmas Ornament

Plum Street Samplers
Jack's Birthday tart pincushion
I just got back from a weekend in Phoenix.  Oh, the weather was delightful.  In the 70's everyday, no rain, no humidity.  The perfect place to visit in the winter.
The weekend started with a wonderful German dinner in Glendale at Haus Murphy's.
We saw this restaurant on the Food Network with Guy Fieri.  It was live music night with accordion and tuba!
We were able to eat outside in the Bier Garden.

Check out these Christmas lighted palm trees!

We revisited the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. The last time we were there was 1984!  You can imagine that it used to be in the middle of nowhere and now it is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, strip malls, etc.

And I got to visit the "new" Attic Needlework shop.  Oh, it is amazing!
And I did a little stash enchancement :)
Sunday afternoon brought the Seahawks football game-a real nail biter!  And some shopping for  Merry Cox goodies!
Monday was the Merry Cox Young Ladies Workbox class-

It was a lovely time and I even got a sneak peek at Merry's class scheduled for 2016-

Whew!  It's good to be home!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

What a fantastic trip! So much fun!

Cindy's Stitching said...

What great little stitches. They will be adorable when finished. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. Looks like you had a great trip.

Linda said...

Loved all the pictures. Looks like a fun trip. Congrats on all the gorgeous finishes.


Margaret said...

Ok, I got totally distracted by the Attic pics. lol! Love Merry Cox! You're so lucky to have taken one of her classes! And the previews from market. ARGH!!! I'm doomed.....

gracie said...

So glad you enjoyed a visit to my State of Arizona. Hard to be at The Attic and not shop!

Marilyn said...

Looks like you have some great projects lined up.
Lucky you to go to The Attic! :)
The Railroad Park looks like fun.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I was going to choose a favourite project to comment on - but I can't - they are all lovely! Ooooh and a chance to go to the Attic shop. I have to make do with their newsletter and a lot of drooling! Irene xxx

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely finishes & great new stash :)

Barb said...

You have some great finishes!! What a wonderful trip!!

Ann said...

I am pea green with envy! Lovely finishes and a wonderful trip--what could be better?

Beth in IL said...

Love the finishes! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I especially like the Merry Cox class schedule. Thanks for sharing!

cucki said...

What a lovely trip! So much fun

Maggee said...

You surely keep busy! The finishes are lovely--look forward to seeing them finish-finished. And your trip to Arizona sounds like it was delightful. Great temperatures!! I am not fond of cold temps! Someday I might get out that way and stop in at the Attic. I know they are really wonderful there--glad you had a good trip! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Loved all of your photos. Wonderful finishes, The Attic looks a great place.

Annette-California said...

Oh WOW! I love all your gorgeous new stash from the Attic!!! You've had some incredible stitching going on! Ann Rodgers piece is stunning! and LOVE BJ's ornament. All your finishes are lovely.
love Annette