Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Weekend Report!

Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean right outside my beach house at Pacific Beach, Washington! That is a sport court in the middle of the backyard. And though you can't see it, the wind was blowing and the rain sprinkled, and it was cold! Four days and 3 nights of blessed stitching was enjoyed by all, I think :)
Here is my stitching station. I worked on several different projects (all WIP's-no new starts for me, I know hard to believe ) but this one is Renaissance Designs 4th Day of Christmas. The K's lap stand worked like a dream. And I bought a Ty Beanie baby that was transformed into a frame weight--he is adorable! Yes, that is a cup of ice water on the side. My neighbor on that side, Edie, was stitching using a table attachment to her stand so I didn't think an accident would be too catastrophic. What a wonderful group of women at my table--2 from eastern Washington and Edie is from southwest Washington, close to Astoria, Oregon.
Meals were served on site except for Friday night and Saturday night suppers. We had a group of wonderful men who cooked our meals--just delicious fare, like bratwurst/sauerkraut, salmon, chicken curry. These guys know how to cook!

See the busy stitchers! There was a lot of fun conversation going on too.

I even got to see a Timeless Tomato project by Debbie Stiehler (sp?). She will be teaching this here in the Seattle area in November--I need to get signed up for her class!


Donna said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! I especially love the part where the men cook!

Anonymous said...

No cooking, all stitching by the ocean...tough life! Glad you had a nice break. :)

Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun. I have a K's stand like yours. Mine has more sections to the "arm" so it stands up more. I bet you just took off some of the "arm" sections. That is a great idea for working on larger projects or projects on stretcher bars. Thanks for the idea.