Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knitting Update

Here is knitting project #2-my second scarf. This one was barely started when DH and my dear grandson both told me that they liked this one better than my first scarf :) No fringe this time and the yarn is softer, too!
Here is knitting project #3-a winter hat. Thank you to my wonderful model, Brandon, for showing off this tweedy project. It turned out great! But my daughters tell me that it is too "girly" for DH. Boys don't like buttons :(

Here is the beginning of project #4-I am making socks!! I am so excited. Yes, double-ended needles and everything--lessons start tomorrow!


Alice said...

I see you are moving right along! You are going to be kept busy knitting new warm fashions for your fellas. I like the new scarf too.

Blu said...

Great finishes!
You can barely see the button in the hat! And no way is that brown too girly. Most of the girls I know would call it too boyish!

The yarn for the socks is so pretty!