Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Stitchy Update

I took my first knitting class this weekend! All the wonderful knitting on the blogs I follow was inspiring me to learn how to do this. Don't laugh-here is my first project-a scarf. It is not done by a long shot, but you can still see how it is going. I am getting faster and my tension is getting better. Here is my grandson modeling it below:

Here is the September installment of Sylvia's SAL. This series is too cute! Click here for Sylvia's blog.
Here is the ANG Stitch of the Month. I finished August and most of September. There is still some couching to be done. But I thought it was worth a picture anyway.


Giovanna said...

No way I'll laugh: it looks wonderful! Well done on wanting to learn something new, and what a cute grandson! Love the x-stich and needlepoint WIPs too.

chris_stitch said...

All your projects are wonderful. I love the ANG piece.


lpat said...

Looks like the knitting lessons are paying off. Love the colors! You SAL is pretty darn cute. I've never done a stitch a long looks like fun. Lorrie

Alice said...

I love the colours in your scarf! It looks great to me.

Carolyn NC said...

Your stitching and knitting are fantastic!