Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More 2010 Framing & Finishing

We have been busy framing and finishing my 2010 stitching projects. Thankfully all my kids are grown and out of the house, so I don't have little ones under my feet while trying to get this work done.

My DH has been my framing helper. Most of my frames are recycled from my home or are fabulous thrift store finds! First is Jardin Prive Christmas. I wanted the frame to disappear and let the stitching pop-

Next, just back from the finisher, is Renaissance Designs Four Bows of Christmas. Turned out beautiful and is already on my tree :)

Don't forget Jenny Beans Halloween sampler-

Goode Huswife's With My Needle-

Hands to Work This is the Day-(please forgive the flash, but all the other pics were too dark)-

Waxing Moon-My Needle & Floss-

With Thy Needle & Thread Gathering Acorns-I like the fabric I used, but I'm having trouble with the puckering on the side seams. Is this a sign that I need to stuff it more?

Here is Sylvia's SAL finished as a flatfold, as promised-so cute! This one will be considered part of the Christmas decorations and brought out for display each year at this time.

No snow here yet. And even though the weatherman predicts rain everyday we are getting very little. Have a great day!


Lesley said...

They all look great Mom!

gracie said...

They all look fabulous. Merry Christmas from my home to yours

Sharlotte said...

Love all the stitching Teresa! Merry Christmas!

natalyK said...

Beautiful stitching! Wonderful framing!

Chris said...

Such beautiful finishes!
Merry Christmas :)

Blu said...

Lovely finishes!
That acorn looks so cool!

Giovanna said...

Those are all so beautiful - congratulations! Merry Christmas!

Ranae said...

Beautiful pieces!
"Happy 2011 Stitching"