Friday, July 2, 2010

Sylvia's SAL Update-July

Sylvia's SAL is completely caught up--including July! It is a quick and easy stitch with lots of immediate gratification--just what I need with all the BAP's I have (see my right column).

Not to mention that I have more big projects I want to start--Plum Street Samplers Paradise Lost for just one. :) I was getting ready to pull threads for that one and realized I didn't have a large enough piece of fabric to start it! Check out Cathy's beautiful finished piece!

I also worked on the ANG SOTM last night. June is almost finished and I'll post a picture when July is caught up too.

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Deb said...

That SAL is so pretty! Really cute! I had the same problem as you with Paradise Lost. I pulled the threads and didn't have a big enough piece of fabric. After seeing Cathy's I knew that mine had been sitting in the to-do pile for too long.

Have a great 4th!