Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dazor Floor Lamps and Paradise Lost Update

After borrowing and using a wonderful Dazor floor light/magnifier at my stitching weekend, I fell in love! So I bought one yesterday.

Then last night I took Berlin Woolwork Sampler fabric off my scroll rods and put Paradise Lost fabric on it. (BSS has been ignored so long, it has stopped calling to me.)

I even put the first few stitches into Paradise Lost. It was only about 20 stitches. But I still don't like scroll rods, the tension is just too loose for me. AND I noticed that the original was stitched on 36ct fabric with 1 thread over 2. So, I don't think I have enough silk to use 2 strands over 2 on my 32 ct fabric.

After much more consideration, I have decided to wait for my Dazor to arrive and I am going to switch fabrics to 36 ct. Yes, the Dazor has a 5X magnifier and the smaller count fabric shouldn't be a problem for me to see. The size of the fabric will decrease to 23" X 10.5" (plus margins). And I can switch to 1 thread over 2. I think I have a plan!!


Terrie - The Stitch Store said...

Those magnifying lights are awesome.

I'm with you about the scroll rods. If something is going to be on some kind of frame is has to be tight.

I think you have a great plan!

Deborah said...

You will love the light with the magnifier. I could't without my magnifier. I have the same problem with scoll rods.

Alice said...

I'm glad you only put in 20 stitches before deciding to bail. I am about to start a project on a 40 count... I'm thinking a magnifier might be in my future.

Donna said...

I find I only have a problem with scroll rod tension when I start using long rods, like anything longer than 18". That when I discovered Stitch Clips - which can be seen here: http://www.ineedlework.com/nn-6934.html

Solved all my tension problems.