Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dazor Floor Lamps and Paradise Lost Update

After borrowing and using a wonderful Dazor floor light/magnifier at my stitching weekend, I fell in love! So I bought one yesterday.

Then last night I took Berlin Woolwork Sampler fabric off my scroll rods and put Paradise Lost fabric on it. (BSS has been ignored so long, it has stopped calling to me.)

I even put the first few stitches into Paradise Lost. It was only about 20 stitches. But I still don't like scroll rods, the tension is just too loose for me. AND I noticed that the original was stitched on 36ct fabric with 1 thread over 2. So, I don't think I have enough silk to use 2 strands over 2 on my 32 ct fabric.

After much more consideration, I have decided to wait for my Dazor to arrive and I am going to switch fabrics to 36 ct. Yes, the Dazor has a 5X magnifier and the smaller count fabric shouldn't be a problem for me to see. The size of the fabric will decrease to 23" X 10.5" (plus margins). And I can switch to 1 thread over 2. I think I have a plan!!


Anonymous said...

Those magnifying lights are awesome.

I'm with you about the scroll rods. If something is going to be on some kind of frame is has to be tight.

I think you have a great plan!

Deborah said...

You will love the light with the magnifier. I could't without my magnifier. I have the same problem with scoll rods.

Alice said...

I'm glad you only put in 20 stitches before deciding to bail. I am about to start a project on a 40 count... I'm thinking a magnifier might be in my future.

Donna said...

I find I only have a problem with scroll rod tension when I start using long rods, like anything longer than 18". That when I discovered Stitch Clips - which can be seen here: http://www.ineedlework.com/nn-6934.html

Solved all my tension problems.