Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stitchy Update

Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers/followers for their kind comments and suggestions. It is truly heartening to get up in the morning and have so many well wishes to read!

I have been stitching and here is the latest-Jardin Prive Christmas is my bedtime stitching and it is coming along nicely.

Snowflake Girl is also coming along. Once upon a time, Gay Ann Rogers must have taught this piece as a class because her instructions have "pre-work" included. So, my current goal is to get the pre-work finished. Mostly it is outlining and as you can see it is not quite done yet. I don't know what the smudges are up by her head-they are not on the canvas.

I also wanted to share my new Dazor light/magnifier. It is only new to me--it is a "vintage" (read old) light and it sits on coasters to make it easy to re-position it. See below for my current stitchy nook. I'm not sure if the magnifier is 3X or 5X, but it makes the work so much easier to see!

I also think Paradise Lost will be stitched under this light. Oh, speaking of Paradise Lost, the new fabric is here and on the stretcher bars, I will have the official start very soon!

One more update-I am participating in 2 Christmas exchanges this year! I know that is nothing to most of my wonderful readers, but they will be my first ones ever! So I am already looking, planning, well, you know....


Anonymous said...

Love your bedtime project. Congrats on your vintage purchase. I hope you get much use out of it. I'm in one CHRISTmas exchange here at my store. It's fun. You'll love it.

Vonna said...

I see you are the proud owner of a Needlework System 4...don't you LOVE IT?! I love mine :)

lpat said...

I also have one of these lamps. Aren't they great! I also purchased a Mighty Bright LED Floor Lamp to take with stitching at someone else's place as it can run on battery when not at home and still allows me to work on my 40 count projects.