Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Lesley!

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Lesley! You were 4 years old and boy, did you love those hair barrettes!
Here is the birth announcement I stitched for you in 1981. The details in pink thread are hard to read and definitely off-center but heartfelt. :) (Click on pic to see a close-up)

Now here you are with your own little one and finally able to understand my feelings for you. I hope you like this picture as you are a "team" now with our very much loved grandson. Dad and I are proud to call you ours!


Alice said...

What a nice post! It's true that you can't really understand that parent/child bond until you have your own. Happy Birthday!

Lesley said...

Thanks Mom!

Carolyn NC said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your DD!