Thursday, October 14, 2010

My First Sock!

Here it is-all finished-my first knitted sock. Let me tell you what I like about this sock-
1. I like the yarn I picked.
2. I like the length of the sole-I did the proper measuring and it came out just right.
3. The heel is good (but I must confess that my teacher helped me every step of the way).

Now, let me tell you what I don't like about this sock-
1. It is too big everywhere else-around the instep & around the leg.
2. I don't like the little turn-down cuff.
3. I don't like the length of the leg. It is too short to be a knee sock and too long to be an anklet sock.
4. Because it is too big and the length of the leg is awkward, of course, it sags.

Here is another view.

Now I realize that this is my first sock. All you experienced knitters would have fixed the cuff into plain ribbing or just left it off. And made the length of the leg shorter. But, as a beginner, I tend to do what the pattern tells me. I don't try to rethink the writer of the pattern. And this was a knitting class that was specifically for this pattern of sock.

Now, the question is, do I want to spend my time making the matching sock? Even if I knit the second one to fit better, I probably won't want to wear the set because this one is just not comfortable.

One more thing to throw in the mix-I am starting another knitting class on Saturday. It runs 3 weeks. So if I start the second sock it would probably be after that class is over. What would you do?


Poppypatchwork said...

Use it as a christmas stocking and start a new pair...............

Kelly said...

Cut your loss and start your new class fresh. You will never like this sock so why make a pair. If you want to go back and start a new pair, go for it.

Anonymous said...

I think you should just keep it as a proud example of your first sock. I just learned how to knit a couple of weeks ago. So I haven't made a sock yet. I'm in the middle of a potato chip scarf. I just began a ribbed scarf.

Lesley said...

Don't make another, start fresh with a different pair. Good job though!

Annemarie said...

Yay Teresa! Well done, you! Actually, I didn't know if I wanted to knit a second one after my first sock was finished, but then I thought: I'm in no way experienced yet, so why not try another one using another method, like 2 circs? I did! You can always keep this one (or these two, if you decide to do another one) as a sock to put your savings in (you know, under your mattress) or your clothes pins or you could use it as an orts container or something. Whatever you do though, make sure you enjoy it :o))

Alice said...

I love that wool! That said, I wouldn't waste time making the second sock if you won't get use out of them. Just use this one as your practice/learning sock and just make yourself another pair fixing all the things you didn't like. I think it looks great!

Giovanna said...

Well done on your first sock in any case! I agree with what others said: put it to another use and start on a new pair. Life's too short to waste making unwanted socks :-)

Blu said...

Good job on finishing!
Don't bother with a second sock if you aren't going to use it. No point in wasting time.

gracie said...

socks can be as much fun as they can be frustrating. I have a few excellant patterns thar always fit me well...when you find one, you will be much happier. Don't give up.