Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Old Stash and an Update

I was putting away my new stash (see last post) and ran across some recent stash that I didn't blog about. I finally broke down and got more of two designers I really like: La-D-Da and Praiseworthy Stitches. These are all quick stitches and I hope won't languish in my basket. :)

Here is the latest on This is the Day by Hands to Work. I love this design! It does have some over one stitching inside the box on the middle left-so I will have to pull out the Dazor light for that. But it is moving right along even with my knitting fighting for my time. Speaking of knitting, I will update you tomorrow with that.
Have a great day and thanks for all your kind comments about my and DD#1's stitching!


Peggy Lee said...

Love this one!
Beautiful stitching.

Giovanna said...

Great progress on the sampler - it's so pretty!

Alice said...

Such wonderful stash! The sampler is really coming along!

Blu said...

Great new stash!
Lovely progress on the sampler.

Natalia said...

Isn't stash just wonderful? There is something soothing about going through it, finding new things, looking at old ones... I love it !! I like the progress on your sampler too !

Mel said...

Great stash and lovely work on your stitching.