Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Stash

I just received my first order ever from Elegant Stitch in Modesto, CA. I am in love with the bright pink tissue paper and the way they wrap all the items like they are little mini-gifts. Well, they are gifts, I suppose, to myself :) I read on a fellow stitcher's blog about Lois and her generous heart and all the special things she has put together to raise money to fight breast cancer. Check out the front page of her website if you are interested.

When I called to place my order they were so kind and helpful. I asked about some items I had seen at St Charles market and they literally pulled them out of their shipping boxes as we talked! Those scissors from Sullivan are so pretty! There are several different styles to choose from and the price ($20) is so right!

This is one of Lois' kits for breast cancer awareness. I wanted you to see what came inside the Brightneedle Pretty in Pink pinkeep and fob kit--a beautiful pair of Elizabeth I scissors from Kelmscott, a custom flower beeswaxer, 32 ct linen, threads, Gloriana ribbons, pre-finished pink bag from Moda fabric, all finishing materials and instructions!

Last, but certainly not least, is a new item from market. It is a lunchbox-type tin from Olde Colonial Designs called A Merry Little Christmas. It comes with everything needed to stitch AND finish a Christmas pocket. A very cute marketing idea and the tin can be an ornament itself (or re-gifted :)

Thanks, Elegant Stitch!


Ranae said...

Beautiful glorious stash.
Have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love Lois! She is so helpful and so nice. Fun new market stuff- LOVE the lunch tin!

(Isn't Shelf Reliance great? I've used them for years. I really wish I had room for their cool shelves.)

Alice said...

Wonderful stash! What a neat company, I will check them out.

Blu said...

Gorgeous new stash! That lunchbox tin looks like an interesting project.