Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy 31st Anniversary!

Who is this young couple? She has on a borrowed wedding dress and he has on his new contacts--they replaced very thick lens glasses. His mother gave the marriage 2 years maximum. Hmmmm...

His hair is gone now. And I've put on more than a few pounds. But our 5 year old grandson still recognized us in this picture! He is so smart :)
Happy Anniversary, honey! Here's to 31 more years!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stitchy Update

Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers/followers for their kind comments and suggestions. It is truly heartening to get up in the morning and have so many well wishes to read!

I have been stitching and here is the latest-Jardin Prive Christmas is my bedtime stitching and it is coming along nicely.

Snowflake Girl is also coming along. Once upon a time, Gay Ann Rogers must have taught this piece as a class because her instructions have "pre-work" included. So, my current goal is to get the pre-work finished. Mostly it is outlining and as you can see it is not quite done yet. I don't know what the smudges are up by her head-they are not on the canvas.

I also wanted to share my new Dazor light/magnifier. It is only new to me--it is a "vintage" (read old) light and it sits on coasters to make it easy to re-position it. See below for my current stitchy nook. I'm not sure if the magnifier is 3X or 5X, but it makes the work so much easier to see!

I also think Paradise Lost will be stitched under this light. Oh, speaking of Paradise Lost, the new fabric is here and on the stretcher bars, I will have the official start very soon!

One more update-I am participating in 2 Christmas exchanges this year! I know that is nothing to most of my wonderful readers, but they will be my first ones ever! So I am already looking, planning, well, you know....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Genny Morrow's 9 Patch Sampler

Nine Patch Sampler
Genny Morrow
18ct ecru mono canvas
DMC floss and #5 perle cotton

As promised, here is a photo of my finished Genny Morrow's 9 Patch Sampler. I used a combination of DMC floss and #5 perle cotton. The perle cotton didn't cover the canvas to my satisfaction on straight stitches, so I used floss .

I changed the "look" of the piece from solids and calicos (as called for in the instructions) to more of an Amish-look using only solid designs. I also changed the 4 corner blocks in 2 ways-1)they were supposed to be solid color navy blue and 2) they were supposed to be a variation of log cabin. I like my "Ohio star" better. :) Can you make out my initials and date on the bottom row?

P>S>For those of you interested, I have this pattern for sale on ebay right now-click here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

DD1 Has a Finish!

What a beauty! Congratulations to DD1 for this beautiful finish! (DD1 because I have 3 DD's and how can I keep them straight?)

I told her I would never have chosen this pattern because there is too many X's to stitch :) I am developing a real appreciation for the strategic placement of empty space!

DD1 is planning to start not 1, but 2 new projects-hmmm, do you think her mom is rubbing off on her?
Great job, Les!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Genny Morrow's 12 Patch Sampler

With great interest I have been watching several blogs working on Tony Minieri's Stars for a New Millenium. I wonder if he was influenced by this Genny Morrow piece??

This is Genny Morrow's 12 Patch Sampler. Genny Morrow also designed a 9 patch sampler. And I have stitched it too! (Photos of it will be on another day)

This is one of the colorways Genny provided in her instruction booklet. It is all DMC cotton floss. Can you see my initials and date on the bottom edge? The instructions for this are actually in the 9 Patch book. It uses floss just 1 shade off the color used in the border.

This is another good example of framing on a budget. I actually "framed" this myself. It is on stretcher bars that fit the dimensions of the design. Then I hot-glued trim along the outside edges to cover the canvas. I could have used fabric on the edges and tied it into a bow at the top OR many other variations.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dazor Floor Lamps and Paradise Lost Update

After borrowing and using a wonderful Dazor floor light/magnifier at my stitching weekend, I fell in love! So I bought one yesterday.

Then last night I took Berlin Woolwork Sampler fabric off my scroll rods and put Paradise Lost fabric on it. (BSS has been ignored so long, it has stopped calling to me.)

I even put the first few stitches into Paradise Lost. It was only about 20 stitches. But I still don't like scroll rods, the tension is just too loose for me. AND I noticed that the original was stitched on 36ct fabric with 1 thread over 2. So, I don't think I have enough silk to use 2 strands over 2 on my 32 ct fabric.

After much more consideration, I have decided to wait for my Dazor to arrive and I am going to switch fabrics to 36 ct. Yes, the Dazor has a 5X magnifier and the smaller count fabric shouldn't be a problem for me to see. The size of the fabric will decrease to 23" X 10.5" (plus margins). And I can switch to 1 thread over 2. I think I have a plan!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Update and New Start

I am all caught up on Sylvia's cute 2010 SAL. I like the almost-instant gratification of this project! If you are interested in giving this one a try, don't worry that her blog is in German. There is a translation drop-down list on the top of the right column.

Here is my new start! It is Snowflake Girl by Gay Ann Rogers. What?? You were expecting Paradise Lost?? I got out the fabric (32 ct), ironed it, and taped the edges. But I am still struggling with the best way to proceed. It seems too large for stretcher bars and I am worried about hoop marks if I use a hoop. Sigh. The fabric is 32" X 18". AND I cut the fabric for Le Printemps at the same time and it is huge, too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Say Finished!

Contemporary Bargello
Needlepoint Now
Susan Hulmes
Light grey Congress cloth
Called-for threads-DMC cotton floss and Caron Waterlilies

Isn't it fantastic? I am SO pleased with the results on this project! A big hello and thanks to Edie for welcoming me to her home for a "stitcher's weekend"! I had a wonderful time and the result is above--a finished bargello piece. Be sure to click on the pic so you can see it in more detail.

So, now the question is --how to finish this? Hmmm...feel free to make some suggestions below!

As I mentioned before, I have a whole new respect for DMC cotton floss-and it has turned my thoughts to Genny Morrow's Nova project. That is a DMC floss extravaganza! (OK-I'll wait and include it in my next poll of what should I start next :)

I had one other very small finish and a new project start--but more about that tomorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend-I certainly did! Thanks again, Edie!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Lesley!

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Lesley! You were 4 years old and boy, did you love those hair barrettes!
Here is the birth announcement I stitched for you in 1981. The details in pink thread are hard to read and definitely off-center but heartfelt. :) (Click on pic to see a close-up)

Now here you are with your own little one and finally able to understand my feelings for you. I hope you like this picture as you are a "team" now with our very much loved grandson. Dad and I are proud to call you ours!

2009 Finish-Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods
Cricket Collection
24ct ecru Congress cloth
Vikki Clayton silks
Here is another 2009 finish straight from my sampler wall. It was my first use of Vikki Clayton's silks. They are absolutely luscious to stitch with!

I would never have bought this pattern for myself. I traded for it in a giveaway. (Yes, I know that sounds bizarre. But I won something different and one of the other ladies won this and she traded with me :) It came with 40ct silk gauze and the design already started. Well, these "mature" eyes couldn't see to finish it, but on Congress cloth using tent/basketweave stitches--- it was a go! I can honestly say that every stitch was a joy! Wish I could say that about every project. Know what I mean?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bargello Update and The New Project Is.....

Here is the latest on Contemporary Bargello. It is moving along quickly and there are only 2 partially-stitched areas to finish (on the upper left corner) and 2 more areas to stitch (upper middle and upper right). I hope the next update is a finish!! I have a whole new respect for DMC cotton threads. Feel free to click on pic.

Thanks so much for all of you who took the time to vote in my new projects poll! It is such a joy to read your comments and advice. I truly appreciate it.

Without further ado, here is the winner of the new project voting----
Paradise Lost-10
Snowflake Girl-4
BBD Mystery and Potpourri-tied at 3
Le Printemps and Rainforest Crunch-tied at 2

Well, it is overwhelmingly Paradise Lost! So, off I go to get it ready to go. Just so you know I haven't lost my mind--I will be picking one other project to start from the voting, but I won't tell you which one just yet. :)