Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carolyn Pearce's Home Sweet Home Book

I mentioned a few months ago about reading on Mary Corbet's blog about a shop that was kitting up Carolyn Pearce's Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox.
I got on their waiting list on Dec 29, 2013.  And it came last week!
It felt like Christmas!

This is the book I am talking about in case you are not familiar with it. Below are photos of the threads and fabrics that came in the kit. The book is not included in the kit.

If you are interested in learning more, contact A Stitching Shop in Denver.   They might have a few more kits available.  Scroll down on the home page for more info.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stitchy Update, RAK, and A Little New Stash

It has been awhile since I gave you a stitching update.  Retreat and a new grandbaby didn't bring my stitching to a halt, just a temporary slow down :)
I pulled out my neglected 2012 Sal Sopresa awhile back.
Here is my before picture-

Here is my after picture-

It's not finished, but I'm making progress.

I've acquired some more new stash.  Thank heaven I didn't sign up for the Stitch From Stash Challenge this year.  I would be a big failure already!
It is a kit by the Purple Thread. Purple Thread is a new designer to me.  This is an adorable needlebook and scissor fob in a decorated paper mache box that I hope I can reuse eventually.

Finish #1-the needlebook to go in my Tea Time Basket. 
 Confession Time- I love the mosaic stitch in needlepoint projects.  It is very versatile, looks great in the diagonal, and makes a beautiful texture.  But I put in lots of mosaic stitch with silk threads on my Tea Time Basket and from 2 feet away it looks exactly the same to me as a plain ole cross stitch. So I am using more cross stitch and less mosaic stitch on this project.

Finish #2-The May block for my Wooly Good Year Quilt

Finish #3 & 4-2 more blocks for my Red Home quilt

Last, but definitely not least, I received a RAK in the mail!  Some cute cross stitchable trim, floss, Made with Love charms, and some needles.   There was no return address and I'm embarrassed to admit I can't read the name signed on the card!  I think it is Marlene???  So, if it was you,  Thank You So Much! It came as a total surprise and it touches my heart that you took the time to send it :)
Finally, an update on my ebay selling business- I am getting lots and lots of really great items from de-stashing sellers.  It is slow going right now, but I hope to be able to get more items up real soon.  If you want to watch my listings click HERE.