Monday, August 3, 2015

August Already

July went by like a whirl!  But I did get caught up on the Round Robin samplers I had.  I finished the final two samplers in my round of the Northwest Sampler Guild.  Now I am expecting 3 more samplers from the EGA Round Robin, but one lady is moving and at least 1 sampler (not mine) got packed!  So not sure when I'll see that one.
Here is what else has been happening-

New Start-Laura Perin Red White & Blue Panel
I'm stitching it upside down right now :)

 Finish #1-With Thy Needle & Thread Stars & Stripes

Finish #2 Just Nan Hop 

Finish #3 Jeannette Douglas Bird Box.  The finished mini biscornu is in the box-top left.  The mini pincushions are at the bottom.

New Stash-Gorgeous sturdy Thread Catcher from Curry Bungalow on Etsy

Back from the Finisher-Gay Ann Rogers Samples
I included a photo of the back so you could see the little stand that my finisher uses. 

Framed by DH with a standard 5 x 7 frame in my stash-Birds of a Feather Land That I Love

Now it is time for At Willow Tree Pond's Believe It or Not--
Do you like my Nancy Cucci Amazing Greys?  I didn't list it as a finish, because it isn't. 

One recent night I was busy listing consignment items on ebay, got distracted and started surfing around.  I saw a listing with no picture and the description said "GREY GEOMETRIC BOXES"  And Nancy Cucci immediately came to mind and I clicked on the auction.  There was a photo on the auction page and yes, it was exactly what I thought--but not the kit.  It was the finished project! And it was ---Buy It Now for $42!!  My hand was shaking.  I am not kidding!

Not only was it a finished Amazing Greys, but when I got it , the stitching is beautifully done. Laid properly, just wonderful! The seller definitely didn't know what she/he had.  Do you think the stitcher passed away?  I mean, what else would allow such a thing to happen???
Now, who else has a bizarre story about ebay (or anywhere else for that matter)?