Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Finish & Preparing for 2012

 Yeah! Timeless Tomato is finished!  I managed to fit in my initials in one of the designs. Next this goes to my finisher, Kathy.
She finished this one that I saw at the Goldbar retreat. Isn't it beautiful?

 I gave in and signed up for the 2012 Crazy January Challenge.  I learned some lessons from participating in the 2011 Crazy January Challenge.  Like don't choose more than 15 projects (the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge would not work for me) and be careful how many large projects to include.

So here is my 2012 CJC line-up (please forgive the crappy photos-it was a struggle)-

1) Renaissance Designs
Six Patchwork Stars Shimmering

2) Tree of Life Samplings
Penny America

3) Sheepish Designs
Alpha Bird, Alpha Menagerie and Alpha Sheep

4) Blackbird Designs
Prairie House Sewing Case

5) With Thy Needle
Miss Trenners Needlework Academy

6) Goode Huswife
June Morning

7) Little House Needleworks
Liberty Belles

8) Little House Needleworks
He Is Risen

9) Heart in Hand
Grateful Hearts

10) Blackbird Designs
Waiting for the Harvest

11) Blackbird Designs
Peacock Pinkeep

12) L'Atelier Perdu
My Christmas Stocking 2012-The Magic

13) Sewing Chest Designs
Porcelain Pincushion Doll

14) L'Atelier Perdu
Smell the Flowers

15) Brightneedle
Pretty in Pink

Did you notice that I am not quite over my pincushion fetish yet?  :)
Some of the projects chosen this year were passed over last year, so they are getting a second chance.

Also for 2012, I have signed up for Kimono Revisited with the Shining Needle Society. 

And I am doing Holiday Patches by Susan Kerndt with my local ANG guild.  See below-

Even though I've already stitched this mini sampler (Florentine Holiday) by Susan Kerndt-

Do you think I'm overdoing things for 2012?  :)

I will do another post to look back at my stitching in 2011. 

Have a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have been blessed from many friends this Christmas season. 

Have you ever seen a Christmas cactus with both pink and white blooms?  This is my first time.  It is beautiful.  It was my table's centerpiece at the Evergreen EGA Christmas party last Sat.  I won it!

I also got a beautiful, large, and lined  project bag from my friend Lorrie at A Stitcher's Snippets. It already has a project in it :) Thank you, Lorrie!

At the top of the project bag is a little Santa face beeswax. It was part of my goodie bag at the Northwest Sampler Guild Christmas party.

I participated in two ornament exchanges. This is the ornament I made for the Sampler Guild exchange. It is an old Prairie Schooler design.  I received the adorable little red Santa at the top of the picture above. 

I don't have a picture of the one I stitched for the EGA exchange but the green needlepoint design on the bottom right of the picture above is the one I received. It reminds me of a Laura Perin design, but don't know for sure if it is.

Ruth over at The Musing Badger sent me a consolation prize from her giveaway. A Belle Soie silk and a Carries Creation cotton floss.  Thank you, Ruth!

The lady bug and the red jar are a thank you gift from outgoing EGA president, Carolyn.
And the two patterns were at my place setting at the Christmas party! 

I so appreciate the wonderful friends I have made in the stitching world,both locally and online.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little blog and leave comments. It means so much to me to read them.

Here is the latest on Timeless Tomato.  It is amazing how fast it is moving along.  I am trying to devise a way to add my initials and will work on that more today.

I hope everyone of you has a safe, blessed and peaceful Christmas. 

I'll post again in a few days with an update about my 2012 Crazy January Challenge!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is Coming To Our House

It is beginning to look like Christmas here.  We are a little later than usual about getting our tree up, but look at the results!

The train is up around the tree.  The Longaberger Christmas baskets are around the base.  My completed Gay Ann Rogers Angel Tree Topper is on the top.  My grandson got to put his ornaments up.  And I found 2 more strands of my favorite garland on etsy.  It is red foil-wrapped gift garland that my mother used on our tree in the 60's.  (I watched on ebay for over 2 years and only saw it once but missed the end of the auction :(  Now I have 5 strands and it makes my tree just right. Know what I mean?

Another 2011 finish-

Blackbird Designs Autumn Song
30 ct R & R fabric-don't remember the color
Called for threads

 The alphabet letters that go around the edge of box top are about 1/3 done.  And I have the box to finish it, but can't decide on what color to paint it.

Here is Debbie Stiehler's Timeless Tomato from the class I took in May or June??  I hadn't touched it since the class, but I saw two of these completed at the stitching retreat in November and fell in love all over again.  So this is what it looked like when I picked it up:

 Here it is now!!

As soon as segment 4 is completed, I'll flip the whole canvas over and finish it upside down. This is the project I will finish 2011 working on (unless I get it done sooner!) When this part is done, there are green leaves for the top of the tomato and the strawberry fob (see top photo)

My Christmas shopping is almost done.  I ordered something for DH last week online and it arrived FedEx the next day while I was gone.  The delivery man put it right into DH's arms!  Now he knows what he is getting :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another (edited) 2011 Finish!

Heartstring Samplery
Beth Twist
I Sew'd My Heart
32 ct Glennshee Natural linen
Called for WDW threads

This was a lovely and fun stitch!  I love the color of the threads and had all of them in my stash.  I substituted WDW Pomegranite for the initials of my great-great grandmother. And it was a good thing because there was only one 2 strand piece of WDW Cinnamon left when I was finished!

I saw this pattern on Peggy Lee's blog.  Beth at Heartstring Samplery is collecting photos of her blog header in different areas around the world. Check out some of the places it has been here.  If you send her a photo you can get this wonderful pattern also.

Have a great week!
P>S>I see my blog wallpaper has gone haywire.  Don't know why.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Exchange has Arrived

I participated in a Christmas exchange on the JAT forum.  My box arrived yesterday!  It is a wonderful batch of goodies from Kathy (MadStitcher).  Fabric, pink threads (my favorite color), travel size calculator and sewing kit, Kelmscott scissors and peacock magnet, 2 new projects (one designed by Kathy), and handmade scissor fob and accessories roll!  What a great start to the Christmas season!

Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the box I sent out. But I know it has arrived and if a photo gets posted, I'll be sure to let you know.  Have a great weekend!