Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stitchy Update

I have avoided posting on this blog because I didn't have much to report.
It's not that I haven't been stitching.  It's just that when one is working on BAP's, one doesn't feel that much is accomplished :)
(And I still don't have a giveaway ready for my 6th blogoversary! Oh, well, another day)
Here's an update of the ark on Plum Street Samplers The Flood-

 I was using the wrong color thread for the main part of the ship! Luckily I had only used it to outline the edges, so I was able to fix the majority of the problem-yikes!

I finished working on a friend's round robin band sampler.  The theme to this one is A Walk in the Woods. The bottom band is mine. Looking very cute so far!
Unfortunately the band sampler I submitted to this round robin group has been lost for nearly a year :( One member of the group was moving and it has apparently disappeared into an unknown moving box.

Out of desperation to have a finish, I dug out this Sam Sarah design-Liberty For Me. I even have a frame for it.  For now, it'll go on the ironing board with the other items ready for finish-finishing.
I also dug out this Hinzeit Alphabet Shuttle design. I used DMC 930 (blue) for the alphabet instead of the 310 (black) that was called-for.

This is the shuttle that the design goes into.
Another new grandbaby is due this Saturday,  So soon I should have more good news to post!