Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Still Stitching!

Yes, I'm still around and still stitching. It has been a month of TWO's.
 Life is still busy with TWO new consignment sellers for my ebay business. 
And I have TWO real estate closings this week.
And I'm preparing for TWO retreats in the month of June.
And I have TWO new finishes to share with you-

Finish #1-SAL Sopresa 2012
I would love to sign up for the 2014 SAL but it is 55 euros.  The latest exchange rate to dollars is approximately $74-whew! A little too steep for me for a mystery project  :)  Is anyone signed up for it?  I can't wait to see it on someone's blog.

Finish #2-A Baby, A Manger
Cherrywood Studios
I saw this one in person at Acorns & Threads in Portland.   It is so adorable finished as a no-sew stand up.  It was also a quick finish since I used some 28 ct grey linen from my stash. Sorry for being too lazy to iron it before the photo.

Here is an update on Shepherd's Bush angel stocking for GD#2
 I have TWO new starts to share-

New start #1-Shepherd's Bush Fold-pretty pathetic start.  I already made a change in the house and put the chimneys down where they belong :) I do love the linen.
New start #2-Gay Ann Rogers Samples
This is the first time I have stitched on linen congress cloth. Try clicking on the photo to get a better look.  It should look like similar to this photo below when I'm finished-

Another thing I have been busy with is my local EGA chapter opportunity basket to the GPR seminar being held in Reno next month. Since there is no EGA chapter in Reno, all the participants will be flying or driving in.  So I wanted to provide a "basket"  that would travel home easily with the winner.  Yes, it is assembled and shipped and hopefully will be a large fundraiser for the chapter! 
Only one basket, not TWO!
One more TWO to share-
I was so happy to see SANQ thinking "out of the box" this month! And am in love with the half-doll pincushion on the front!  
So I rushed right off to order the doll and realized that I had another GPA pattern in my stash that needed a doll.  So, I ordered TWO!
Hey, Annette, I hear you are going to stitch the SANQ doll, too!  If you build it (a SAL), I will come!  :) And a lot of other stitcher's too, I'll bet.
Hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun and relaxing.  We stayed home and entertained friends TWICE.  And hosted a family birthday party for TWO family members.
(Couldn't resist two more TWO's :) 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pacific Ocean Retreat and Stitchy Update

It was time once again for my annual Pacific Ocean retreat.
Here is the view!

The first day we had beautiful sunshine and warm spring weather!  The remaining 3 days we had rain and wind.  Very typical weather for the west coast :)

Here is our large stitching and dining room.  You can see the edge of the round dining tables on the right side of the above photo. We had a lady come from Pennsylvania and one from California.  The rest of us were from Washington and Oregon.

We had a charity auction and raised over $700 for a Newborn Care Unit that cares for drug-addicted newborns.
We also had a small sales table and lots of beautiful show and share (of which I forgot to take any photos!)

Here is our little mascot.  He is really mascot #2 as Joey, our mascot #1 was back in his room asleep for the night.  The red pincushion in the photo was a gift from one of the participants to all of us!  Wasn't that a sweet and generous gift?!
P>S>this mascot is stuffed :)

Here is what I worked on over the weekend-a pincushion for an upcoming exchange.

L'Atelier Perdu 2012 My Christmas Stocking-
All over one stitching on 32 ct lambswool linen
I completed the back portion first and the blue star on the right is the start to the front piece.

This is a wool applique wall hanging that I purchased on my Alaskan cruise last fall.  It is a birthday gift for my husband and all the blocks are finished and ready to be sewn together and backed.

Little Brooke's Christmas stocking is started! 

Another new start by CherryWood Designs-A Baby, A Manger
I saw this one finished at Acorns & Threads in Portland last month.  It is a beauty!
The December block to My Woolly Good Year quilt is also finished.

 And last, but certainly not least, I worked on Debbie Stiehler's American Patchwork.  It is the first time I worked on it since I took the class nearly one year ago :(  I still love it!

Work is busy. Two more retreats are coming up in June.  Including another one with Meg Hawkey at Crabapple Hill.  It will be a busy month.