Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back From Retreat!

The weather was sunny and cold the first two days of retreat.  But it warmed up and was fine the last two days.
Susan Kerndt
Holiday Patches
Here is an oldie but goodie that I was working on before I left for retreat.  I think I can call it halfway to finished now.
Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog will remember that I did this little Susan Kerndt piece a number of years ago-
I think this little egg came before the larger chicken above. ;)
Here is another finish from just before retreat-

Margaret Bendig's All American Frame Weight and Scissor Fob
I discovered that there are instructions for the back of the scissor fob too.  Guess I just missed them the first time thru :)

Renaissance Designs  Seven Snowmen Grinning

This came back from the finisher after retreat.

Stacey Nash Snow Ornament-This also came back from the finisher

New stash that arrived during retreat

Wooden Spool Designs
Snow Happy
I finished this wallhanging at retreat. It is not sewn together yet.

I finished two more blocks for A Wooly Good Year-


Here are the previous blocks I already finished-




I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for this year and every year.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Finishes and I'm Giving Up!

Christmas In My Heart
All Through the Night
Bonnie Sullivan
Finished and framed! I bought this frame about 2 years ago at a neighbor's garage sale.  It was framing two cross-stitched mallard ducks from the 60's or 70's.  So I took out the ducks and the glass and had DH paint it satin black and voila! It was perfect for this project :)
 New baby quilt top all finished!  Not quilted yet.  But I am going to try and do it myself. Sorry for the dark pic.

Block 3 of A Wooly Good Year by Wooden Spool Designs

Here is LHN's 2013 Mystery.  Part 1 is completed.  I have the final 2 parts to the mystery  and the threads but have completely lost interest in it.  It has just been sitting around until  recently.  I saw on someone's blog (can't remember whose) that they also had lost interest and sold their unfinished piece.  I offered mine to DD#1 and she took it.  I'll keep you posted on her progress.
Should I feel guilty about giving up on this one?

I have been finishing up ornaments for this year's Christmas exchanges.  Still waiting for one to come back from the finisher.  If it looks too good, I might have to keep it :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

More Classes, Stash Building, Giveaway Winner, and a Gender Reveal Party

A new baby quilt class at my LQS.  Just getting started on this one.

Patrick's Woods Sherri Jones Button Lover's Brag Book Class and my pitiful start.
I was asked to share my Gay Ann Rogers E-week stash purchases.  So here they are-

Pretty Scissors Sampler-even though I don't do cutwork-nope, not at all.
I'm a weenie when it comes to putting scissors to my work.

Home is Where My Heart Is ornament and the Raj Quartet accessories (even though I didn't buy any of the whitework samplers, oh well)

and last, Three Button Samplers
I thought I was pretty restrained. 
But I think I'm having a button fixation right now!

More stash-new Country Sampler kit from Stacy Nash-love this one!

And La-D-Da Pocket for Potions-love the pocket, not so hot on the words.  So this one will get some "revision" :)

Can't remember where I bought this but love the Christmas theme and smalls.

I won a sewing necessaire from Nancy at Victorian Motto Shoppe's giveaway!  It is wonderful, click on the photo to see all the buttons, charms, trims, pins included.   Thank you again, Nancy!
Until recently I had never heard of a gender reveal party.  Have you?
Well, my daughter who is expecting in March wanted both us and her in-laws to find out the baby's gender all at the same time.  So she had her ultrasound on Wednesday and hosted a pizza party Wed. night.  The dessert was cupcakes and she had a spot of blue color hidden under the icing.  So it's a boy!!
She has fulfilled the greatest desire of my grandson who will be 9 when this baby arrives. He has been so loving and good around his two little girl cousins but has been praying every night that God would send a baby boy this time.
Please pray for my daughter and her coming little one. She is battling high blood pressure with this pregnancy.