Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Finishes, A Frame and Good News!

Jardin Prive
Carre d'Abeilles
32ct evenweave
Called for DMC threads
Finish #1 Absolutely love the pink/green colors on this mattress pincushion. It's now tucked away in my growing to-be-finished pile :)

Blackbird Designs Autumn booklet
Pumpkin Blossom Pincushion
32 ct LL Sand Dune
Called for CC and GAST threads
Finish #2 This one was started at the June retreat I went to.  I love this whole Pumpkin Blossom line of smalls.
I picked up a large rectangular frame at last weeks EGA meeting for $5.  It was amongst many donations to the guild from the family of one of our members that passed away.  And in went my Blackbird Designs 2008 mystery sampler!   I am ok with it not being a perfect fit(obviously :)
Now, the good news. 
Remember the Crabapple Hill class I went to in July?  Well, Meg Hawkey holds retreats at her home in central, southern WA state 4 times each year.  And I was so very lucky to fill the final spot at her fall retreat in 2 weeks!  Woo Hoo!  I am so excited!  Click HERE to see some photos of past retreats.
Then, I have my trip to AZ in Nov for 3 Merry Cox classes with Attic Needlework.  Can't wait to finally see their store!
Then, there is another stitching retreat with EGA in November when I get back from AZ. 
Then, I need to mail my Advent exchange that I am doing with Lorrie from Iowa. I am getting very close to being ready, Lorrie!
Then, in December I will be sworn in as treasurer for my local EGA guild for 2013-2014.  Did I forget to mention that I still work too?  lol
The rest of this year is going to go by so fast. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stitchy Update

Sarah Salter is framed. I love the simpleness of the frame and the little nicks and scratches on it.  Just like an old frame that an antique sampler might be framed in.  No, not from a thrift store this time.... a garage sale :)  There were actually 2 matching frames and Amber's birth announcement went into the other frame.
I spent last Saturday and Sunday at a 2 day stitch-in with my sampler guild. It was held in the meeting room at a local police department.  We didn't see any dangerous criminals, but the price was right (free) and the family-owned pizza shop across the street turned out delicious product!
Here is what I worked on-

Crabapple Hill's project from my July class.  I made a lot of progress.  Taught myself how to do the cast-on stitch and put the centers in the pansys and the petals on 3 of the forget-me-nots.  Next is a couple of large daisies up next to the "Sweet" sign marked by the 2 X's. Then the borders and some beads.

Sisters freebie from Bronwyn at Red Brolly
This went really quick! I can tell I need some practice at tracing patterns.  There are several lines that I couldn't cover up with thread :(  Maybe a pillow or a flat-fold finish.

Carre d'Abeilles
Jardin Prive
32 ct evenweave
Called for DMC threads
This was one of the projects I started at the retreat in June.  I still have the bottom and the last 2 sides to finish, but the hardest part is done.

My work so far on the third class with Merry Cox in AZ in November-Sweet Little Blossoms.  This is the outline for the prework only.  Funny, I finished all the stitching pieces on the first project. The second project I was getting a little burned-out and only stitched the required class pre-work.  Now I am feeling a lot burned-out and struggling to get this one done.
I am not too enthused with the buttonhole wheel flowers on this project (and there are a lot of them!).  Am thinking I might substitute spider web roses (not sure if that is the right name, email if you know the right name) or maybe more of those cast-on forget me nots from the Crabapple Hill project?  Any ideas?
I signed up for a beginning quilt class. It meets 4 of the Tuesdays in Oct. I loved the idea of not having it drag on thru the winter. 
Some wonderful teachers are heading to the Pacific NW next year.  Amy Mitten, Debbie Stiehler, Diane Clements, Sherri Patrick, Terry Dryden and more!  More reason to say goodbye to the Crazy January Challenge next year :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Labor Day Finishes!

Sarah Salter
Sheepish Designs
32 ct Lambswool linen
Called for DMC/Soie d'Alger threads

Bucilla Sophie Birth Record kit
Aida and threads in kit
Our family Round Robin on Amber's birth announcement is finished!  It is just as sweet as Amber is :)