Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Quick Updates

Margaret Bendig
Plum Blossom Kimono
24 ct grey congress cloth
Various called-for silks

Here is what I have accomplished after my first-ever needlepoint class this past weekend! I know it doesn't look like much got done. But I learned a lot about technique (which I sorely needed). And I feel very confident to move on. To see what this is going to look like when finished see below-

Jardin Prive SAL
Sampler aux Bouquets
30 ct natural linen
DMC threads

I decided to replace the orange threads in the letters to more of a magenta color-I like it much better.

Blackbird Designs
2008 Mystery Sampler
30 ct R & R Highland Mist
Called for WDW & GAST threads

Hope all is well with you. I am managing to keep up on my blog reading and really enjoying the Ann Grant samplers plus much more!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Quick Updates

Crazy January Challenge (#5 on my list)
Blackbird Designs
Hedgerow Birds
Week Dye Works 20 ct Straw
Called for GAST & Crescent Colours threads
Nearly 1/2 Done!

Crazy January Challenge (#9 on my list)
Blackbird Designs
2009 Mystery Sampler
30 ct R & R Highland Mist
Called for GAST & Week Dye Works threads
Almost finished with Part 1

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anna's Stocking Finished!

Blackbird Designs
Anna's Stocking
19 ct natural linen
DMC, WDW, and Crescent Colours #5 perle cottons

Another CJC finish! This one was so fun to stitch. I could see the fabric easily without my magnifier and that allowed me to stitch in bed. :)

I did make a few changes-the most obvious is the addition of 13 buttons from my stash. I didn't have the embellishment pack from SB. And I didn't have beads big enough for this either. So I used tiny buttons for the holly berries along the vine at the top and on the headband. I also used 3 sheep buttons on the bottom. But I also wanted to personalize this a little for me. So I took a charm off of my old charm bracelet (from junior high) and put it on the man's pennant at the bottom. (it is a snowman). I was missing 3 of the DMC #5 perle cottons in my stash, so I substituted them too.

I am taking this one to my local finisher. I saw a couple of these SB stockings last year that she finished and they looked fantastic! Luckily my local EGA mtg is this Saturday and I'll see her there.

Now, I need to pull out a large and a small start out of the Crazy January Challenges. I think BBD's Mystery Sampler is up next, but not sure about the small piece. I'll keep you posted! Have a great day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

3 New Starts, A Quilt, & A Frame

I spent all Saturday evening in my stash pulling fabrics and threads, zig-zagging edges, ironing, attaching to stretcher bars (where appropriate) and starting new projects. Here are my results-

Jardin Prive SAL
Sampler au Bouquet
35 ct natural linen
DMC threads

This SAL doesn't officially start until March 15th, but I wanted to get a head start. I frogged the first purple border because I used only 1 thread and didn't like the coverage. Two threads seem to give it more texture. I have changed many of the called-for threads because this linen is a little dark and I wanted brighter colors. But I am not sure about this orange on the letters?? What do you think? I also pulled a raspberry color and am thinking to try a letter with it too.

Heartstring Samplery
Permit Me Not to Stray
32ct Belfast linen-Country cream
Called for GAST threads

I love this design! It is Adam & Eve but in a more whimsical way, less tradition. And I think this linen will work perfectly-it has a cream/ecru smudged look to it. Click to see a close-up.

Birds of a Feather
Le Printemps
36 ct Edinburgh linen
Called for WDW threads

This one has been kitted up long enough! I am anxous to see more of this one, but thank heavens for my magnifier! Honestly, couldn't I have picked smaller projects??

Look! I found an old frame for BBD's Spring Fling. And it looks great! Please excuse the dot from glare. One more finish-finished.

One more thing-my mother sent me this quilt she made. It just arrived today. It is a beautiful hand-pieced and hand-quilted dresden plate. The fabrics are all old ones from clothes she made for us girls (me and my 2 sisters) when we were young. So lots of 60's and 70's fabrics. Thanks so much, Mom! I am thrilled to have it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Dance-Another CJC Finish!

Homespun Elegance
Holiest of Nights
30 ct Natural linen
Called for DMC, WDW, GAST and CC threads

I did make one color change- I used the brighter blue from Joseph's robe (DMC 317) for the flowers in the border instead of the dusty blue from the framed area. Now on to another project!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Updates

Shepherd's Bush Anna's Stocking
19 ct natural linen
Called for threads-WDW, DMC and CC perle cotton #5

I'm hoping to call this one finished at the next update! It is time to put my name on the top and finish the last few areas.

Margaret Bendig's Plum Blossom Kimono
18ct light grey mono canvas
Elegance thread (so far)

My first ever "real" class is in two weeks. I am nearly finished with the pre-work. Only the bottom of the middle section is left. I am excited to actually fill-in some squares!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Stash and A New Designer!

Wendy from From the Heart Needleart was the winner of my first blogoversary giveaway. And look what I got in the mail from her last week! A plethora of her beautiful designs! She is a new designer but what a great start she has made. Good luck in your cross stitch endeavors, Wendy!

My heart runneth over because I completely did not expect this wonderful surprise! Wendy, thank you so very much! Please check out Wendy's cross stitch blog.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two More Crazy January Finishes!

Sheepish Designs Temptation
36 ct LL Maple Sugar
Called for WDW and DMC threads

Those little leaf skirts are adorable! And fun to stitch too! There were two rows-darker green underneath and med green on top.

Per usual, I made a few changes-
1. I only gave Eve an apple. No apple for Adam.

2. I cut out one line of hair on each of them because I thought their hair was plenty crazy without adding more.

3. I changed the border to a blanket stitch instead of a 4-sided stitch. I think I will finish this on wool with a blanket stitch too. (someday)

Just Nan Glow Tin Top and Humbug
Mystery 28ct linen
Mostly called for DMC & Kreinik threads

My changes-
1. I did substitute #8 Kreinik metallics for the #4 Kreiniks with a strand of DMC together.

2. I used brighter pinks-just because I like pink.

3. Decided to do the beading when I finish these.

OK-I'm checking off two more on my list. More updating on other projects later this week.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Siobhan & the Mary Glover SAL

Mary Glover
32 ct Lakeside Linen Sand Dune
Called for DMC threads
It really is stitched straight, but the fabric is pulled slightly crooked in the stretcher bars.

I'm going to blame this all on Siobhan! She posted about this SAL on her blog-click here.

And I have no willpower! This is how I was thinking-

"Well, do I have some extra fabric? (yes)

Well, do I have the DMC threads? (yes)

Well, what about stretcher bars or the right size hoop? (yes)

Well, do I have the time? (don't think about all the January challenges that aren't finished)

Well, what about the other Jardin Prive SAL I am also starting? (no problem-I'll do both)

Well, what about the other sampler Siobhan was blogging about-Mary Hannah Gipson? (yes, I'll do that one too-Lord, help me!)

See! It is all her fault :)

I love your work, Siobhan! Can you tell??