Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Birthday Surprises

 My dear friend, Lorriesent this beautiful & thoughtful package for my birthday!  My girls always tell me I am hard to surprise-but you did it! Thank you so very much, Lorrie!

Mindi from Utah is so kind and agreed to let me borrow a pattern of hers. She sent along this cute design that was on my wishlist.  Well, it arrived today--exactly on my birthday, so I am counting it as a birthday present!!  Thank you, Mindi!  I'm sure you can guess who this will be for :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Istitch Mystery Update

IStitch Mystery-Part 7 completed and looking lovely
Carol Ridyard
40 ct. HDF Jackalope linen
Mystery HDF Overdye Silk

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Finish and A CJC Update

Jardin Prive
Sampler Aux Bouquets
35 ct natural linen
DMC threads

Woo Hoo!  Another WIP to mark as completed for 2011.  Please click on the picture for a close up. I left off a snail and put in the date on the lower right.  I stitched my initials in a different color on the middle upper section of alphabet.  This was a lot of fun, but I think the reason it lingered unfinished is because I changed the thread colors because of the darker natural linen I used.  And I was not thrilled with the colors I chose--not enough contrast or something??  Only the browns are the original colors.

With My Needle
Quaker Hornbook
32 ct linen over 1
Needle Necessities overdye thread

You haven't seen this one since January.  This project was one of my original Crazy January Challenge pieces.  As you might remember, the challenge was to pick 15 projects to complete in 2011.  I ended up with 16 projects in my challenge because of my inability to make tough decisions.  Oh, I do love this design and the thread I chose.

When I picked this one up to work on it, guess what?  I ran into 2 problems-#1 is the 32 ct linen that I chose to work on-I am losing stitches (just like on my L'Atelier perdu needlebook) and #2 I lost my mind when stitching with this overdye and didn't cross my x's! This picture is only of the /// portion of the cross stitch.  The thought of trying to match up my thread and finish on this linen is too much!  I'm going to get some evenweave to stitch this project on and re-start the correct way with complete x's :) 

Executive decision-this is no longer part of my Crazy January Challenge and I am officially down to the original goal of 15 projects.  (What a weenie, huh?!)

I'm off to a wedding tonight and a dutch oven cooking class tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Stitching and Sewing

Here is a photo of DD#3's beautiful stitching from our family stitching day.

My 1980 Sears Kenmore sewing machine has sewn its last for me.  It hasn't been serviced in 20+ years and the tension on the bobbin needs adjusting. So instead of investing in it, I treated myself to a new sewing machine!  After much research and "test driving" this Pfaff is the one!  I spent most of a day playing with it and the only thing I haven't figured out is how to get the automatic needle threader to work.  It is important cause my eyes don't see as well as they used to!  I'm sure I will underutilize all the fancy stitches/functions but I learn a little more each time I use it.

Good news is DD#3 asked me to teach her to sew before she knew I had bought a new machine.  Looks like the Kenmore will get a good home. :)

EDIT:  I updated my sales page with some new items. Go check it out!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stitchy Update

Finish #1

Prairie Schooler P is for Pincushion
28 ct Summer Khaki linen
DMC threads
This was my project from stitching day on Sunday.  It went so fast! I substituted DMC 666 for the called-for  3777.  It is much brighter. 


Finish #2

Here are two more pincushions I finished lately.  They are wool applique.

Finish #3
Petite Sampling Etui
`Liimited Edition Collaboration-Ellen Chester With Thy Needle
36 ct Lakeside Linen Pearled Barley
Vikki Clayton's HDF silk conversion

Part 1 of 6 finished!  The only thing I didn't do was frog the dark, dark green in the flower stems and replace with DMC thread.  I just ran out of steam.  I'll revisit it when the whole project is done and see if it still needs redoing.
Next up is Louise Henderson's Cherished Stitches contribution.  This one is a little more difficult with closed herringbone, Algerian eye, smyrna crosses, and queen stitches.

Now, without further ado, I would like to present....... Finish #4

L'Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club mystery project completed!! Really my first official "small" project :)

This is the over 1 project that I agonized over the fabric selection-the designer called for 32 ct linen and I was struggling to see it and loosing stitches in the weave. I finally settled on a 28ct Jubilee evenweave linen-color platinum.

I don't know if you can see but I put my initials and 2011 on the back side of the scissor fob.  The scissors came from my local ANG meeting that I went to yesterday  morning.  Talk about fortuitous timing!

October is quickly coming to a close and I am going to try to finish 2011 strong.  There are 2 more Crazy January Challenges to finish and several other projects that I would like to complete this year.  That doesn't include 2 family birthdays, hosting a baby shower, a 4 day stitching retreat, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and oh yes, I just volunteered to take over the library at church!  :0  Did I mention that I am still working too?  :)  Keep stitching, ladies!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 Generations of Stitchers!

I have many stitching updates for you this week, but today's post is about Sunday's stitching day at my daughter's house-

 This is DD#1's stocking almost finished-just a little bit of backstitching to do.  This stocking is for her husband.

 This is DD#2's stocking that she is beginning for her husband.

I forgot to get a picture of DD#3's stitching :( She has expanded her knitting to way beyond anything I can do.  Courtesy of YouTube and books like Knitting for Dummies.  And recently asked me to teach her to sew.

Here is a picture of six-year old Grandson #1's first stitching project.  It is plastic canvas, large blunt needle and scavenged 3 ply yarn from an old kit!  I charted out the flower on a piece of graph paper with colored pencils.  No problems following the graph at all. He made it into a necklace for his mom-Great Job, GS#1!

Here is my poor, pathetic excuse for stitching.  It is the beginning of another pin cushion. (I'm in a bit of a pincushion mania right now.) I should have several to choose from when the pin cushion exchange comes in November at our EGA stitching retreat.

As you can guess much of my time was spent advising and helping GS#1 with his mystery loop disease (he kept putting the needle down from the top and forgetting to come up from the bottom for the next stitch).

I have a finish to share tomorrow! Wow, it's been quite a while since I said that :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WTNT Mystery Sampler Framed!

With Thy Needle and Thread
Mystery Sampler
35ct WDW Confederate Grey linen
Called for Threads

I ordered the custom frame from Brenda at With Thy Needle and Thread.  Click on the picture for a close-up.  This is the finished sampler in the frame-doesn't it look lovely?  You know that I am a thrift store frame shopper, but this one was worth every dime.  Love the sampler and the frame, Brenda!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Quickie!

I have been stitching on something special that I can't share yet.  But here are the ones I can share-

 I'm keeping up on Carol's Istitch mystery!  Love the scissors! And it looks like my mystery HDF overdye silk will hold out to the end.

BOAF Le Printemps is moving along.  Please excuse the hoop marks. There is something about this project that keeps sucking me in.  It is hard to put down when I pick it up :)

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Winner of the Giveaway!

Congratulations to dq!  I have already sent you an email and will get LHN's Merry Skater mailed out!

Edit: This happened last time I used the random number generator. It doesn't show the result-don't know what I did wrong.  The winning number was 15.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stitching Update

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway of LHN Merry Skater pattern.  I will draw a winner on Monday.

Also, I have put over 50 new items on my For Sale page. Check it out for some great deals!

Carol Ridyard
2011 Istitch Mystery
40ct HDF linen-Jackalope
Mystery HDF Overdye silk
Part 5 completed!

Make and Take Class
September Wool Strawberry Pincushion-completed!
Check out the little ladybug on the top.  I am going to a stitching retreat in Nov and we are having a pincushion exchange. No rules except we have to handmake it ourselves.  This might be the one.

I have been stitching on a little something for the new grandbaby and can't share photos as my daughter occasionally takes a peek here.  Have a great weekend!