Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year to all my wonderful blogging friends!
I hope you find peace, health and lots of stitching time in 2013!

My 2013 Goals
 Clubs and SAL's
A. 2013 SAL with Maryse
B. Ladies Prim Society with Dying to Stitch
C. Prim Sisters Club with Country Stitches
D. Maggie's Club with Country Stitches
E. Stacy Nash Club with Country Stitches
F. Sweet Stitches Club with Shabby Fabrics
G. Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year SAL
 NW Sampler Guild-June
Crabapple Hill-I hope!!
Debbie Stiehler's American Patchwork-June-see photo below
I will also be working on Debbie's Pumpkin design (Halloween version)-but no official class.

Diane Clements Autumn Jewels class-July-see pic below

EGA Treasurer Duties
WIP's I'd like to finish-
Crabapple Hill Gardener's Alphabet quilt
Susan Kerndt Holiday Patches
2012 Sal de Maryse
2012 Sal Sopresa
L'Atelier Perdu 2012 Mystery Sampler
 Prairie Schooler Alphabet
 Betsy Morgan's Helix Etui
 Mary Wigham
 Ornament Exchanges
 EGA Christmas
 NSG Christmas
ANG Christmas
 Family Christmas
 New Starts-17  projects
SL Mary Ann Hutton
BBD Flowers for Sarah Needle Roll
RD 7 Snowmen Grinning
DS American Patchwork
 SN Christmas at Hollyberry Farm
2013 SAL de Maryse
WTNT Mary's Best Handworke
 MSD Christmas Sampler
 LHN Mellicent Turner
 HE Maryland Sampler
 BBD Casting a Spell box
 JAT My Ladies Cabinet
 GAR Hollyhock House
 WMN Miss Trenner's Academy
 Brooke's Books  Happy Couple
 DS American Patchwork
 DC Autumn Jewels
AND 6 smaller projects-
SH Maddie Button
 L'Atelier Perdu Christmas small
 SN Snow ornie
 BBD Plum Blossom Needlecase
 MC Needles for Williamsburg
 Hornbook Needlebook
Whew!  I'm exhausted just typing all those! Do you think I'm overdoing it??
That is a lot of  projects :) But written goals are always encouraged, right?
Can't wait to see what you all are planning for the next year.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wrapping Up 2012

I want to bring you up-to-date with the final happenings at my home for 2012.
Here is the last of my advent exchange with Lorrie at A Stitcher's Snippets--

Day 23-a hand-stitched pocket AND a stitch starter
Day 24-a beautiful box with a hand-stitched top with a pattern I have admired a lot.  Finished by Lorrie.  
I love them both!

Here is the flip side of the pocket and the finished inside of the box with some extra pins and buttons.
To top all this off, Lorrie sent me an "extra" box of goodies-see below-

A table runner, a stitching kit that goes with the Hobby Lobby box with the drawer in it that I received earlier this month, two fabulous books, a "Baby It's Cold Outside" mug (I saw these on Beth's blog and love them!), pattern and fabric to make quilted potholders, a Just Nan kit, a silk gauze Christmas kit, and some simple quilting kits (thanks, Lorrie, you know I need simple).
Well,  I am humbled and overwhelmed with the generosity of this whole exchange.  I am so glad I asked Lorrie to do this!!

My DH gave me this new light for Christmas--it was on my Amazon wish list but I was completely surprised!

DD #2 got me this beautiful necklace made by Nina.  It so much prettier in real life than the photo shows it to be. The blue thread is an overdye.

Birds of a Feather
Night Before Christmas
1998 JCS Ornament Issue
Mystery piece of pale blue linen
Called for WDW threads, GAST Midnight, and a few DMC substitutions

I am ahead for my 2013 ornament exchanges!.  This will be my final finish for 2012.  I saw this ornament finished on Summer's blog and just had to stitch it.

Crabapple Hill
Gardener's Alphabet
Quilt Block A finished

Little Amber finally got her quilt for Christmas.  Here is the final product with the ric-rac on it and the binding all finished.  I also put a label on the back that says
To Amber
From Gramma 
Let's hope the next baby quilt doesn't take me a year to complete :)
What happened stitching-wise in 2012?
1. Completed the 2012 Crazy January Challenge
2. Attended 3 retreats
3. Attended  and volunteered in my first regional seminar.
4. Traveled to AZ for 3 stitching classes with Merry Cox (first time I flew to a class)
5. Expanded my horizons with a foray into quilting, took a beginner's class and made 2 quilts
6. Stepped up and volunteered for the treasurer's position in my local EGA chapter
7. Participated in my first advent exchange with Lorrie
8. Began the first annual family ornament exchange
9. Participated in a family Round Robin-first one for me
10. Finished 2 WIP's-Le Printemps and Quaker Hornbook
11. Participated in 2 SAL's and 1 Mystery Sampler (none are finished though)
12. Finished stitching 65 items-a new personal high!
Altogether 2012 was a remarkable year for me stitching-wise.
I'll post again before the new year with plans for 2013
Looking forward to see what you are planning for 2013!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 More 2012 Finishes, Advent Xchg Update & More Viewing Pleasure

Christmas is getting close!
The tree is up and decorated.  The gifts are wrapped and under it.  The Christmas menu has been decided on and I am cooking the turkey, dressing, deviled eggs, and a sheet cake.  My 3 girls are filling in and around and are such a big help! Easy to see why I enjoy holidays so much more now than 20 years ago when all the cooking was mine to do :)
Here is what I have been doing stitching-wise--

The final piece of Merry Cox's So Dear to Thy Heart-the box lid- is finished!  Now all that is required in 2013 is to finish-finish everything. Hmmm, hope that feeling comes over me soon!

Birds of a Feather
Soweth Sampler
32 ct scrap of mystery linen
Called for WDW threads
I started this one to work on when I'm away from my magnifier.  Left off the date and initials as I might use for a future exchange or gift.  It is a quick finish!

Here is the latest in my advent exchange with Lorrie from A Stitcher's Snippets-
Day 19 was four wonderful patterns from Grills de Maryse-love her designs and am already doing her 2012 and 2013 SAL's
Day 20 was a scissor keeper with a pair of beautiful scissors.  Lorrie said her dad made the scissor keeper.  Thank you, Lorrie's dad!
Day 21 was one of the "candles" from Etsy with a sampler on the outside.  I saw these on her blog several times but in person they are so pretty!  Can't wait to use it.
Day 22 is a beautiful needlebook with my initial handstitched on the front.  This large size is so much easier to find when it is buried in a project bag! I'm already using it.
Almost done with our exchange and I'm so glad we did it!  Hope you are too, Lorrie. :)
Finally more stitching for your viewing pleasure.  This was my final Christmas party of the season--my local ANG guild.  No ornament exchange this year, unfortunately.  But the tree at our hostess's house was FULL of inspiration!
Here are some examples-

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my followers and readers!
I'll be doing a report next week on the end of my advent exchange and what stitching was accomplished in 2012 and what is coming up in 2013!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EGA Christmas Party & Ornie Exchange

First up is an update on the latest in my Advent Exchange with Lorrie.
Day 15-a selection of fat quarters in fabulous pink :)
Day 16 is a Homespun Elegance chart, a zippered Necessities bag to stitch on, and threads!
Day 17 is a Stitcher's Journal (which I've never had before and can't wait to use!) and a Bareroots Project book of Embroidery Stitches. It isn't just diagrams of embroidery stitches, but also some small projects-very cute!
Day 18-3 beautiful selections of Lakeside Linens to stitch on

Last Saturday was my local EGA chapter Christmas party and ornament exchange.  I received the ornament above and made the ornament below.

Below are all the ornaments displayed together-some beading, hardanger, perforated paper, cross stitch and needlepoint.

I also got 2 items back from my finisher at the party!  Here is my bargello pillow.  You might recognize the design from an older issue of Needlepoint Now.

And Day 6 of Renaissance Designs 13 Days of Christmas below-

Here are all 6 of my finished designs hanging on my mantle.  Number 7 is already kitted for next year! You can click on the pic for a closeup.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of the Show n Tell at our meeting.  Talk about inspiring! The picture below is a better representation of the green in my pillow.

Lovely, lovely work
I was installed as treasurer of this great group of ladies for the next 2 years.  Hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Crazy January Challenge Is Finished!

The 2012 Crazy January Challenge is completed!
Here is my final project-
#15-Brightneedle Pretty in Pink
Fabric and threads from kit
The top project is front and back of a pinkeep. The middle is front and back of a scissor fob.  The bottom is a nameplate to go on the front of a little fabric purse that came with the kit.  Hopefully next time you see it the whole kaboodle will be finish-finished!

Above is some new stash-Maggie Bonanami's new wool project kit from her club at Country Stitches AND supplies for 2 of Chloe's dresses by Gay Ann Rogers.  I bought Chloe and all 3 of her dresses a few years ago during Gay Ann's annual e-week.  Hoping that actually kitting them will get me to move them up my to-do list.  Chloe IS a beautiful project!

My first Christmas present has arrived. DD#2 has been faithfully buying my annual Needlepoint Now subscription. I asked her this year to switch to SANQ and look what has arrived in the last 2 weeks :)

Last, but not least, is the latest in my Advent Exchange with Lorrie of A Stitcher's Snippets.
Day 12 looks like a cell phone holder?? (help me out here, Lorrie). It is made in the coordinating fabric that matches my drawstring bag, mug rugs, etc. And a new tape measure.
Day 13 is a wonderful selection of Victorian Motto Sampler threads--and Lorrie included several shades of pink-my favorite.
Day 14 is a project bag in another beautiful pink fabric. This is beautifully lined and sewn.  It is already in use.
I am loving this exchange, Lorrie!

Also, I have updated my For Sale page with more new (and gently used) items.  Check it out!
Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!  I am almost ready. 
Count your blessings this weekend everybody.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking Towards 2013

Here is the latest on my 2012 Advent Exchange with Lorrie of A Stitcher's Snippets-
Day 9 is a cute little handmade needlecase (with 2 pins) that matches my mug rugs and drawstring bag!
Day 10 is a little Modern Prisicilla box kit
Day 11 is a beautiful pin pillow and pins made by Blue Ribbons Designs!

And another finish, too!

Sheepish Designs
Alpha Trio
Crazy January Challenge #3-5

I have 2 new starts.  I know what you are thinking-2 new starts at the end of the year??!!  What is Teresa thinking? 
Well, I needed a project that I could see without my magnifier to work on away from home.  So I started Birds of A Feather Soweth Sampler. And the Gardener's Alphabet quilt has been calling my name so loudly, I couldn't ignore it anymore!

I have been making a list and checking it twice!  LOL
Yes, 2013 will be here soon and I want to be ready!
Here are 2 WIP's that I want to complete next year-
Left-Betsy Morgans Helix Etui-can't see anywork on it? There are about 4 inches along the right border is all!  A lot of work to do here!
Right-L'Atelier Perdu's 2012 Mystery Sampler that is so adorable and so neglected!  Definitely want to finish this one.

And I've been kitting up new big projects too!
Left above-Stacy Nash's Christmas at Hollyberry Farm
Right above-With Thy Needle & Thread Mary's Best Handework
Left above-Midsummer Night Designs Christmas Sampler
Middle above-Scarlet Letter Mary Ann Hutton
Right above-Little House Needleworks Melicent Turner

Left above-Hearts Ease Maryland Sampler-this one is huge!
Right above-2013 Grills de Maryse SAL (no, the 2012 SAL isn't finished yet)
What are your 2013 plans?
I have more that I will share with you next time!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sampler Guild Ornie Exchange & More

Here is the ornament I made for our Northwest Sampler Guild ornament exchange today. It is Regal Red Christmas by Milady's Needle in the 2010 JCS Ornie issue.

Here is the ornament I received from the ornament exchange.  It is in the 2011 JCS Ornie issue.  Sorry I don't know the designer.  This same ornie was made for last years exchange.  I fell in love with it and asked Sue (the stitcher) to make another for this year so I could get it.  :)
Here is the back-

Here is the little ornament tree with all the stitched ornaments on it. 

Here is another of my favorites. I'm pretty sure it is a Blackbird Designs but I can't remember what book or booklet it was in.  Can someone help out with that?  I'd love to do one for myself.

Here is mine on the tree.  It looks cute even in a dark and fuzzy photo!

Below is the latest in my advent exchange with Lorrie from A Stitcher's Snippets.
Day 6 was a cute Stitch Happy mug to go with the new mug rugs.  Check out that adorable beaded box it came in!
Day 7 was a Bead N Handy Scissor spool with scissors, scissor fob and thread puller. Click on the pic to see the lovely teapots on the scissor fob and thread puller.
Day 8 was two unfinished boxes from Hobby Lobby(?).  I have never seen one with the pullout drawer on the left.  No doubt these will work out great for future projects.
Thanks again, Lorrie!
I must confess that I am staying up extra late (midnight) just so I can open my next day's gift!! (That is so pitiful :)

Here is my re-arranged sampler wall in the entryway.  My husband said "Why are there always more things to be framed?  Aren't you ever going to stop?"   To give him credit, this is the first time he has ever complained about all the framing he does for me.
There are 5 Blackbird Designs samplers on this wall.

Over the couch in the living room-
Left-With Thy Needle & Thread 2011 Mystery Sampler
Center-City Stitcher Adam & Eve
Right-Hands to Work This is the Day (hands down my favorite sampler from a magazine!)

In my bedroom sewing nook-
Left top-Sheepish Designs Betsy
Left bottom-Sheepish Designs Sarah Salter
Right-BOAF Le Printemps