Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stitching Being Passed on to Younger Generations!

We had a stitching day last Saturday at my DD#1 house. Here she is helping her son put a few stitches in my Kelly Clark angel ornament. It is a 13 ct canvas, so the holes are nice and big. He did a great job!
Here is the rest of our little group. DD#2 on the far left is starting a Christmas stocking in counted cross stitch. Her friend, Janelle, in the corner, is working on a crochet project. Next is me with my Kelly Clark ornament rescued from my grandson. And DD#1 is working an adorable Victorian home scene in counted cross stitch. We watched Judge Judy on DVR, then Steel Magnolias. A fun time was had by all! Thanks for hosting, Les!


Anonymous said...

What fun! My son and daughter both like to stitch with me. They like the small L*K charts the best. It takes them forever, but they love it! So fun to pass this art along. :)

Deb said...

I think passing on the craft is something that we owe our kids even if they never really get into it. I've taught both my son and daughter to xstitch and crochet. DS will never do it in the future, but DD seems to like it a lot. Now she's asking me to learn how to knit! It's like music to my ears.