Friday, October 15, 2010

I Won A Giveaway & My 100th Post!

Thanks so much to Ranae over at Stitch By Stitch! She picked my name to win this wonderful pattern by Raise the Roof called Happy Camper. See below for a close-up photo. I do struggle to get photos you can actually see! It is not one of my gifts :)
I think my 5 yr old grandson will love this one. But it won't be this Christmas--his gift is already here. I already bought that cute button with the lightning bugs inside a jar. And I just now noticed the owl is a button, too! I really appreciate your generosity Ranae!

A big hearty thank you for all the comments/suggestions on my first knitted sock. I am going to move on to a pattern I like better and get some expert advice on better measuring/gauging for my socks.

This is my 99th post--I can't believe I have so much to share and all you wonderful followers who keep me encouraged and stitching! I know there are some lurkers out there too. Hi Cynthia and Lori! I will be putting together a giveaway this weekend to celebrate my 100th post. Not sure what will be in it yet, but check back on Monday!

Have a great stitchy weekend!


Ranae said...

I am so glad to give away to someone who appreciates it. Have fun with it.
Oh! BTW the face and the moon are buttons too, if you haven't noticed that by now. There is a button pack for this design.
I will for sure be looking for that 100th post

Sun City Stitcher said...

Congrats on both counts!