Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back From Yellowstone+ An Update

Yellowstone National Park was fantastic!  Temps in the low 70's, absolutely no traffic to speak of (yes, we waited until school had started for many areas), and the friends we went with were great company!  No pictures yet, but I will share a very few soon.

 I did get a little more of BOAF Le Printemps stitched. Now that the face is in, I like looking at her while I stitch. A large amount of frogging took place when I realized that I had placed the bird in the wrong spot!

My iStitch Mystery Sampler is coming along nicely.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will have enough of the HDF overdyed silk I'm using.

Blackbird Designs
Hedgerow Birds
20 ct. WDW Straw
Called for CC and GAST threads

#14 of the Crazy January Challenges is finished!  Woo Hoo!  This was my stitching project while in Yellowstone.  Easy to see in bad lighting (hotels).   Only 2 more CJC projects to be finished! If you are wondering if I made a mistake, this project is to be finished as a project bag with a liner and a buttoned top.


Deb said...

Your pieces look great! Love how Le Printemps is coming out. Those girls are so quirky, but so fun. Sorry about the frogging. I suppose that it's hard to keep your place on this piece. Love the colors of your Mystery sampler and fingers crossed you have enough of the silk. And I really love the colors in Hedgerow Birds - very pretty.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing Hedgerow Birds! And the WIPs are just lovely.

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats on zipping through your CJC! I still have 8 to go, so I think I will roll them over to 2012. It's very nice that you went to Yellowstone. I would love to go at this time of year too!

natalysneedle said...

Love your BOAF WIP and your mystery SAL. Your BBD finish is beautiful and the colors are great. Can't wait to see the finished bag.

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the finish, Teresa. I just love the colors in that!! Can't wait to see the bag you make of it! Actually, grats on ALL your progress. I also love the colors in your MS. It's a lovely variegate. And I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Yellowstone. Can't wait to see the pics!!

Jennifer M. said...

Very pretty stitching! That first one is really cool I must say. I really do like how the mystery sampler is looking in that silk thread. The third one came out great too. I was wondering why it looked funny, but then you said why. LOL

Great Stitching!
Jen :)

Teresa said...

Sound like a nice trip. Love your finished and WIP. I keep trying to win us something in the wannobe quilt blog giveaways.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Melissa said...

Everything is just gorgeous!

Sue said...

I love your Hedgerow Birds, it looks great ;)

trillium said...

I like the BOAF patterns very much.

Siobhán said...

I can't wait to see some of your Yellowstone pictures! My DH & I recently watched a documentary on a year at Yellowstone--gorgeous. One day we hope to go to see it for ourselves.

Your stitching is wonderful! Love it all. That Le P--yeah, I already stitched it, but I just love it. It is such a happy piece. Sorry about the frogging!

CONGRATULATIONS on the finish of the BBD piece AND the challenge! I am so impressed, proud, and jealous of you. ;) You go girl!!

Carol said...

Sounds like a perfect time of year to visit Yellowstone, Teresa! I've never been, but it's on the list :)

Love your WIPs and that BBD finish is wonderful--congratulations on finishing #14!!