Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Vacation & Updated For Sale Page!

We rented a house near Stevens Pass (Cascade Mtn range) for a long family weekend.  And spent the days fishing, chasing some trains, hot tubbing, playing board games, hiking and much more. Oh, don't forget stitching :)

This is DH and our grandson at the beginning of the Cascade Train Tunnel.  78 miles long, built in 1928 and still going strong!
Edit:  The tunnel is 7.8 miles long, not 78 miles :)

My nametag for the Northwest Sampler Guild is now finished.  :)
Please check our my For Sale page.  I just added about 30 new items--some are hard to find! I'd rather sell them to blog readers than on ebay, if possible. 


Barb said...

What a great place to spend the week-end!!I love the photo of your DH and Grandson!

Margaret said...

I love your name tag! So wonderful that you got to have a long family weekend with everyone!

Shaunterria said...

Your nametag looks great. I love the way the colors look together...great job!


Gabi said...

What a beautiful name tag.
Sounds you had a lovely weekend :)

cucki said...

Wow very sweet name tag.
Sound like you had a fun weekend xxx

Chris said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Kelly aka STITCHNMOMMA said...

Oh, my dad would love that tunnel! It's so rare to see someone else post about chasing trains, which is a favorite passion of my dad & son. Great post! :)

Anne said...

Your nametag is beautiful Teresa! That tunnel is so cool!!

Lesley said...

Mom - the train tunnel is 7.8 miles long, not 78. :)