Monday, October 27, 2014

Stitching Update Finally!

A while back I got an email informing me that the Spokane Falls Sampler Guild had booked Jeannette Douglass to come and teach in October.  Of course, I signed up right away and began thinking about what show and tell I would be able to take to class.  Well, my one and only Jeannette Douglass piece looked like this-

So, I dug it out and began working on it and now it looks like this!-

Finish #1-My Stitching Treasures
Jeannette Douglass
Sorry for the crappy photo again.  I tried resizing it and took another photo with a different camera and they all came out bad.  :(
Good news is that I have the box for this design!  The entire project including the threads, embellishments and box were a gift from a very generous stitcher! You Know Who You Are-thanks again!
 Here is a photo of the two ladies that made the class so fun-Jeannette is on the right and Betsy is the person who booked Jeannette for the guild.  Thanks for a great class, Betsy and Jeannette!  Betsy is holding a cute little design called Take Time to Cruise from a cruise she went on with Jeannette a few years ago.

Here is the project Jeannette taught to us-

Here is Jeannette's finished model piece-

Here is what I completed-a little biscornu (my first!) and the beginnings of the sampler.  Jeannette taught us how to back a biscornu with wool.  No need to stitch 2 sides now-yippee!

One of the members of the class-Claudann- brought her completed Treasure Box.  She used overdyed linen and it turned out beautifully!

Check out the inside of her box, too.  It is lined and look at the smalls-even a Jeannette Douglas wooden thread keeper and some mother of pearl accessories--darling!

Here is part of our class on the second day. 

Should we talk about stash enhancement?  Probably not (this picture says it all).
Now, for other stitching--
Remember this biscornu that I stitched for an exchange at an upcoming retreat--
well, now I have the makings of two biscornus instead of just one!
Here are the results-Finish #2-on the left is the biscornu for the retreat exchange and I added a ribbon and have the ornament for one of my Christmas exchanges-Finish #3. 
I made a boo-boo on the ribbon when I was finishing the biscornu. I put it on at the center point of the top design instead of a corner point. Of course I didn't notice until after it was completely finished.  So I had to snip it off and change the position of the ribbon.  But it was too late to insert the ribbon in the seam and I'm not satisfied with the way I attached it. 
Any ideas? 

I signed up for a "Thread Challenge" with my local sampler guild.  Each of the participants received an envelope with seven different threads in it.  The challenge was to stitch a piece using some of each of the threads.  We all got the same exact threads-silks from Gloriana. (There is a green cashmere blend missing from the photo below).
This type of challenge was done several years ago and some members brought examples they had completed from the previous challenge.  My goodness, some of them were so amazing! Small and medium sized samplers, boxes, etc.  
Trust me-I was no where near that motivated!  An ornament would work fine for me. So I found the small red ornament frame in my stash and went to work with my Just Cross Stitch DVD looking for the perfect ornament to fit in it and here it is! 

Finish #4-Together At Christmas
Designs from Margaret Lee
2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition

Of course, I need to finish-finish it, but this project won't be on display until February.  So there's plenty of time.  It's a great feeling to be ahead on something :)


Barb said...

So many pretty things in this post. Looks like a great event!

Stasi said...

Your Jeanette Douglas finish is beautiful and I'm sure you're motivated to get in n the "box"! I stitched that number of years ago; it was a fun stitch. I still have the smalls to day!!!
Love your class piece!!! Great job all around!

Cathy B said...

Great stitching. Jeanette is a fun teacher - lucky you to have had a class with her!

Thoeria said...

Oh wow wow wow!!! I'm positively drooling!!! What gorgeous pieces!!! I need to find that class piece! Off to google! :)

cucki said...

so many pretty stitches and so many lovely treasure..i love them all so much x

Marilyn said...

What great projects and stash!

Ariadne said...

That must have been fun!AriadnefromGreece!

gracie said...

Wonderful stitching...lovely projects.

Margaret said...

I love that class piece! It's wonderful! Jeannette gives wonderful classes and is so nice! Of course you had to do some stash enhancement! Love your choices. And your stitching treasures box!

Linda said...

Congrats on the gorgeous finishes Teresa.


Andrea said...

Gorgeous stitching. Will have to look for that ornament piece ... another to add to the list!

Jan said...

What a lovely finish on "Stitching Treasures". I hope to see your other projects finished soon!!!

Sally said...

Oooh lots of lovely stitching and finishing. Your Jeannette Douglas finish is stunning.

Maggee said...

You will have that Treasure Box finished in NO time at all! Jeannette has always been a great teacher--everyone raves! Great blog post--thanks for sharing!

Sheryl said...

What beautiful work - love the Jeannette Douglas finish.