Sunday, May 16, 2010

ANG SOTM Progress

The picture is crooked-but I think you can see all the important parts. :) Here is my ANG Stitch of the Month progress thru April & May. I did change the thread on May's part to the Vineyard Silk 051 Macaw instead of the Vineyard silk 008 Berry-it seemed like all I could see was an ocean of red and no green. (You can click on the picture.)

The April and May stitches were ones I had never used before and really liked the results-especially Crescent cup. It gives some dimension and makes a perfect cup to put beads in. I want to try this stitch again on some other project. This mottled brown canvas is starting to grow on me.

Thanks for all your vacation stitching store suggestions. I will definitely be trying to fit in some of the VA and NC stores--even an hour is better than nothing-right, ladies?!


Blu said...

It's very pretty! The colours just pop out.

Elżusia said...

Pięknie dobrane kolory!!!

Deb said...

That is really beautiful. I really like the colors!

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty.