Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project Progress

Nancy's Needle Tulips and Fan Quilt got a lot of work and it is moving along fast. Once the interior is finished, there is still an outer border. This will be a pillow when finished. Click on the pictures to see close-ups.
This is Renaissance Designs 13 Days of Christmas-Day 4. I am beginning to see the end of this one. It will be an ornament to match the other days. See my previous post.

This is Rishfeld Designs Christmas canvas-not sure if that is the actual name, but it is what I call it. I worked on S. The background needs to be finished and that square will be done. I think this one will make a beautiful pillow, too.

I also took my Edie & Ginger purse, Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler, and Mary Wigham, but time ran out with no progress on those fronts. :(

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Carolyn NC said...

Very pretty - all of them!