Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another 2010 Finish!

Homespun Elegance
Stash Keep
Mystery 28ct Linen
HDF Overdye Silk

I bought this kit during the online needlework show and it arrived Nov 20. So it was a quick stitch and finish.

The silk is a red/brown overdye from Vikki Clayton that I got in my exchange with Lorrie. I am embarrassed to admit that the name of the silk has escaped me and I can't put my hand on it right now. I will find it in my piles and update this post.

When finishing, I used the same lightweight batting on this that I use in ornaments and I wish I had used 2 layers or a thicker weight. The pattern called for fiberfil and I thought the padding would be too uneven for picky me.

Overall, I am a happy stitcher with this project!


KarenV said...

That's so pretty, great job!

Deb said...

It looks wonderful. I love your color choice. I did this one a while ago, but used whatever color they recommended. You may be happy with less batting in yours. I stuffed mine and can't really get the lid opened.

Peggy Lee said...

It's gorgeous Teresa! You stitch so beautifully.

Meari said...

Very nice finish!

gracie said...

What a beautiful piece.

Deborah said...

Beautiful finish!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

That is so cute...I dearly love this. Congratulations on your finish.

What are you going to stitch on next?

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) from Cold Snowy Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad

Christine said...

How lovely! Was the box part of the kit?

Carol said...

What a pretty stash box--I've never seen anything like that. How large is it?

Teresa S. said...

Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, the box came as part of the kit. It measures 6" X 4" X 3". That is the box only-doesn't include the tall back.