Monday, March 8, 2010

2009 Bent Creek Big Zipper Finish

Bent Creek Big Zipper
24 ct. congress cloth
various misc silk threads

Here is another 2009 finish of mine. Please forgive the shadows from the glass. It was originally charted a little too "new age" for me. So I did a few substitutions on words-like joy instead of enjoy and dwell in Christ instead of dwell in possibility. And the color of the fence along the bottom disappeared into the background so I had to use a tan color rather than white. Also I couldn't find an appropriate size acorn button for the squirrel in the upper right square, so this acorn looks like it would feed the squirrel for the entire winter! The pattern called for an 18 ct linen and pearl cotton threads with a design size of 21" X 21" Way too big for me, but this combo really worked. Altogether, it turned out just great.

Now, check out the frame! It is a thrift store find! That's right-$2.99 :)


ohiofarmgirl said...

Your substitutions made is so much better...good deal on the frame too. dianntha

Deb said...

I think your substitutions are a lot nicer - great deal on the frame and your piece looks wonderful. I think this is the first one that I've seen finished and I really like it!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this one Mom, love the big acorn!