Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 ANG SOTM Progress

Here is my progress on the 2010 ANG Stitch of the Month mystery. I hope you can see the green Vineyard Silk accents. Vineyard silk is my hands-down favorite thread right now. The main colors are Vineyard Silk Berry, Evening Sand, and Macaw. And the mottled brown 18ct canvas is a first for me. There is one substitution so far-1 strand of #4 Kreinik with 1 strand of Splendor for the Accentuate. Next month I'll try to get a better close-up.

I had big intentions to stitch up the 2009 SOTM kimono. But to be honest, I felt completely intimidated by some of the specialty stitches. This project seems much more doable for me and has already taught me a new technique for couching. :)


Kelly said...

The SOTM looks great. I love your colors. It looks like a fun project. I want to look up their couching technique now that you mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, You're piece is coming along nicely & you are fast! I like the Vineyard Silk Shimmer threads - there's not an overpowering amount of shimmer to the threads.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of doing this project and love your threads. I have no where locally to get Vineyard thread so will have to order them but was wondering if there were going to be more colors you plan on using later in the pattern??? Or are those all the colors needed?

Rebecca Lake

Deb said...

That is very pretty! The colors are so nice. You've also got me thinking about needlepoint that I've had sitting around here for a while that I should finish. I can't wait to see more of it - looks like it's going to be a gorgeous piece.